Border Patrol forced to cancel 100th anniversary gala amid scandal accusations

EXCLUSIVE — A once-in-a-century celebration commemorating the Border Patrol’s 100th anniversary later this month has been canceled over concerns stemming from an internal investigation into several top agents’ connection to Mexican businessmen.   The Border Patrol’s national chief, Jason Owens, announced late Thursday that the gala in El Paso, Texas, next weekend would no longer […]

Hollywood Uses Anonymous Accusations to Destroy Maverick Francis Ford Coppola

despicable left wing guardian is using anonymous sources to personally destroy Francis Ford Coppola on behalf of the Hollywood corporation. Coppola is 85 years old, has won numerous Oscars, directed at least five films that will live on as long as civilization exists, and yet he refuses to bow down before “the system.” Most people, […]

David Copperfield denies sexual misconduct allegations: ‘False accusations must stop’

David Copperfield has refuted “false and unwarranted claims” about inappropriate behavior towards multiple women. According to reports, Copperfield, whose full name is David Seth Kotkin, was accused by 16 women in a decades-long investigation. guardian usa. More than half of the alleged victims claim to have been under the age of 18 at the time […]

Model Jade Ramey Denies Accusations She Was ‘Sex Worker’ for Diddy

Hollywood model Jade Ramey is finally publicly responding to accusations that she was a sex worker for music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. The lawsuit was filed by Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, Diddy’s former music producer. Mr. Jones alleged in his lawsuit that Mr. Ramey was paid to provide sex to guests during Mr. Diddy’s famous […]

People blaming Russia Havana Syndrome accusations have merit

New findings released this week suggest that elite units of the Russian military are behind so-called Havana Syndrome attacks on U.S. officials over the past few years. This attack consists of a variety of neurological symptoms, including severe headaches, loss of balance, memory problems, and numerous hearing problems. In a segment on “60 Minutes,” former […]