Gun shop fires back after activists complain about Santa packing heat on billboard

An Oklahoma City gun store said it was “caught by surprise” after anti-gun activists attacked the store over a holiday sign. In the H&H Shooting Sports ad, Santa Claus wears dark sunglasses and carries a rifle over his shoulder. The same image was also posted on the gun store's website, advertising its “Christmas His 12 […]

Activists fear radiation compensation in jeopardy

The measure in question would expand coverage under the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) to include Idaho, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Guam, and Colorado for an additional 19 years. Several communities that were on the front lines of U.S. nuclear testing are not covered by the current RECA, which expires in May. However, it is […]

Many ‘Peace Activists’ Are Really Anti-Israel and Use ‘Same Tactics’ as January 6

On Friday’s “CNN Newsnight,” Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) discussed: vandalism of his house “We’ve seen these kinds of protests across the country and around the world. And essentially, they’re calling themselves peace activists, but I think that’s the wrong word. They are on the other side of the conflict. You have never seen these people […]

‘Completely Unwarranted’: Dem Rep Says Pro-Ceasefire Activists Vandalized Home

Democratic Rep. Adam Smith of Washington said his home was vandalized by pro-Israel Gaza ceasefire activists Thursday night. Smith did not elaborate on how his home was destroyed. statement. The vandalism occurred the day Israel resumed military operations against Hamas after an attempt to extend a ceasefire with the Islamic extremist terror group failed and […]

Washington state Democrat Rep. Adam Smith says cease-fire activists vandalized home

Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., said his home was vandalized by ceasefire activists. Smith said in a statement that her home in Bellevue, Washington, was destroyed Thursday night. “Last night, my home was destroyed by those advocating a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza. This attack, which sadly reflects the escalating political debate in our country, is […]

Climate activists anger audience as they disrupt opera performance: ‘Go away’

Climate change activists angered opera fans by standing up and shouting during the opening night performance at New York City’s Metropolitan Opera House. tannhäuser, Thursday. The radical New York climate group Extinction Rebellion praised the protests on social media and shared videos of the chaos. Midway through the second act of the performance, several protesters […]

Senate hearing explodes over Democrats’ subpoena of conservative activists: ‘Destroyed’ the committee

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) lambasted Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) during a hearing on Thursday, which saw Democrats criticize Republican donor Harlan.・It ended with the subpoenas of Mr. Crow and conservative judicial activist Leonard Leo. The Senate Judiciary Committee approved subpoenas for Crow and Leo after considering several judicial nominees. In his opening […]

Activists Cry Racism As Prosecutors Take Criminal Confessions In Rap Songs Literally

Activists accused prosecutors of racism in using a rapper’s lyrics as evidence in a criminal charge, according to the Times. Prosecutors use violent genre lyrics to identify criminal activity and intent against rappers, most of whom are black men. according to Times. According to the paper, activists accuse prosecutors of using only incriminating lyrics to […]

Rubio pushes back on activists: Israel should ‘destroy every element of Hamas’

Activists challenged Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Tuesday. Regarding the ceasefire request in Israel’s war against Hamas. “Senator Rubio, will you please call for a ceasefire in Gaza?” an activist from the group CODEPINK asked Rubio in a video posted to Platform X, formerly known as Twitter. “No, I don’t,” Rubio responded to the activist, […]