Spokesperson for Democratic Ariz. Gov. Katie Hobbs resigns over tweet showing woman pointing guns, adding ‘us when we see transphobes’ — posted hours after Nashville massacre

Spokesperson for Democratic Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs resigns amid anger over her tweet showing a woman pointing two guns in the caption, “When we see transphobia.” The tweet was posted shortly after the Nashville church school massacre on Monday. Detail is? of Reported by the Arizona Republic Hobbes’ spokesperson at the time, Jocelyn Berry, posted […]

Moderna adding 2,000 new workers this year

Check out what’s being clicked on FoxBusiness.com Moderna has revealed that it will increase its workforce and US office footprint. and press release Moderna, which announced Friday, said it would add about 2,000 new employees worldwide. Moderna’s hiring activity stands in stark contrast to the recent layoffs announced or implemented by many companies in a […]