Federal court jams brakes on Biden admin’s effort to shut down major petrochemical plant

A U.S. district court has granted the federal government’s request to indefinitely halt a case involving a major petrochemical plant in Louisiana. This despite claims by the Biden administration that the facility poses an imminent health threat. In a ruling late Friday, Judge Carl Barbier of the U.S. District of Eastern Louisiana abruptly canceled oral […]

Temu Ad Highlights Biden Admin’s Inaction Against Slave-Linked Chinese Companies

Chinese e-commerce company Temu launched a campaign this weekend targeting American consumers worth tens of millions of dollars, led by a huge spending spree on Super Bowl ads. Temu, a subsidiary of the parent company of Chinese e-commerce giant Pinduoduo, sells home goods, clothing and other items at deep discounts. In June, a Congressional inquiry […]

JD FOSTER: The Biden Admin’s Bizarre Gaza Fantasy

a Wall Street Journal article He observed that the administration is struggling to sell its approach to post-war Gaza. That's understandable, since it's built on a convenient fantasy. The center of the fantasy is Gaza itself. Before Hamas's attack on October 7, Gaza was a corrupt, barely functioning city ruled by Hamas and home to […]

Texas to Defy Biden Admin’s Order to Give Feds Access to Park Along Rio Grande

EAGLE PASS, Texas — As of Wednesday afternoon, Army National Guard troops remained stationed at a temporary gate installed at the entrance to a municipal park along the Rio Grande. The park was taken over by order of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and Border Patrol was not allowed access without first coordinating with state law […]


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