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Epic won’t ban blockchain games over adults-only ratings – The Verge

Blockchain games are returning to the Epic Games marketplace. The Epic Games Store strictly prohibits games classified as “Adults Only” by the Entertainment Software Review Board (ESRB), typically games that contain excessive nudity or violence.But the market announced Blockchain games are currently classified as AO just because The exception to this rule is when using […]

Corendon Airlines offering an adults-only section — for as much as $109

One airline will investigate whether travelers seeking solitude will pay hefty surcharges to avoid sitting near babies and small children. Corendon Airlines has announced that it will sell an adults-only zone on flights between Amsterdam and Curacao from November, which will not allow children under the age of 16. Turkish airlines say those traveling with […]

European Airline Creates First Adults-Only Zone with No Babies Allowed

If the thought of getting on a plane and sitting near a disgruntled and crying baby fills you with dread, European airline Corendon Airways may have just what you’re looking for. Turkish-Dutch airlines reportedly testing ‘adults-only’ zones on flights between Amsterdam and Curacao from November release. Located at the front of the Airbus A350-900, this […]