America Can’t Afford a Blank Check for Ukraine

In his essay from August 4, Andrew E. Busch argues that opponents of providing aid to Ukraine have made a “feeble” case, identifying three arguments in particular that he finds lacking: that we should be focusing on issues at home rather than abroad; that the government of Ukraine is suppressing Russian Orthodox Christianity; and that […]

America can’t afford to lose Space Race 2.0

Twelve years ago, Peter Navarro and Greg Autry wrote,Death by China: Confronting the Dragon — A Global Call to ActionPublished in 2011, this prescient book warned of the Chinese Communist Party’s global assault on human rights and the environment, as well as its increasingly aggressive military posture. It also devoted an entire chapter to China’s […]

We can’t afford to cut America’s nuclear modernization program

Tensions with China and Russia have never been higher since the Cold War. From Ukraine to the Middle East, the South China Sea to the Korean Peninsula, nuclear-armed dictators are challenging American hegemony. So why are some American politicians suggesting that we should reduce our nuclear arsenal? The United States only recently ended a 35-year […]

Americans can’t afford MCDONALD’S as Bidenomics implodes

There is no question that inflation is out of control under President Joe Biden and families across the country are suffering from it. and Sara Gonzalez While she’s not advocating eating fast food, she can’t help but notice that the current price of fast food shows just how devastating the problem has become. At the […]

Here’s how much you need to earn to afford a home today

The average American earns far less than what is needed to buy a home in today’s market. (iStock) According to a recent report, to buy a home today, households must have sufficient income and have a sizable down payment saved. Based on current 30-year mortgage rates of 7.22%, today’s homebuyers would need an annual income […]

Biden ensures young people can’t afford home ownership

If you’re a young person hoping to buy your first home or condo, President Joe Biden is seemingly doing everything in his power to make that dream less feasible. The president has pursued and called for several policies that make it harder for millions of young people to own a home. High mortgage interest rates are […]

5 China threats the US can’t afford to ignore

newYou can now listen to Fox News articles. The threat from the Chinese Communist Party continues to grow. From the market manipulation that is harming American industry to the fentanyl crisis hitting local communities to persistent military threats against our partners and allies, the Chinese Communist Party is working with Democrats and Republicans to oppose […]

Vast majority of aspiring homeowners say they cannot afford the American dream

In “Making Money,” DFW housing and macroeconomic analyst Amy Nixon explains what the sudden rise in mortgage rates means for the housing market. Home ownership has long been considered a mainstay of the American dream, but the majority of would-be homeowners in the United States say they can’t afford it at all. When asked what’s […]