Ex-South African leader disqualified from national election candidacy

Former South African President Jacob Zuma has been disqualified from participating in the next national election due to a previous criminal conviction by the Constitutional Court. Mr Zuma was found guilty of contempt and sentenced to 15 months in prison, triggering his constitutional disqualification. His disqualification prevents him from running for parliament for five years […]

Invasive African lizard spotted moving north in Florida

An exotic lizard from Africa that has become established in South Florida has been spotted making its way up the coast of the Sunshine State. Peter’s Rock Agama has made its way north to parts of central Florida, and West Melbourne residents are keeping an eye on the red-headed reptile. “I saw the head. It’s […]

Second-largest Protestant denomination in US votes to allow LGBT clergy — but African pastor holds the line

United Methodists on Wednesday voted to rescind a denominational rule banning the ordination of LGBT clergy. This was a historic moment for the country’s second-largest Protestant denomination and its progressive leanings. In 1984, the United Methodist Church took a stand supporting Orthodox Christian sexual ethics. declare: Because the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian […]

Endangered Hippos Stuck In Dried Ponds In Drought-Hit African Country

Botswana has one of the largest wild hippo populations in the world. Maun, Botswana: A herd of endangered hippos in drought-stricken Botswana is at risk of death after getting stuck in the mud of a dry pond, conservation officials told AFP on Friday. Southern Africa has been affected by a severe El Niño drought, threatening […]

“Once-In-200-Year” Heatwave In This African Region “Human-Induced”: Study

The five days of extreme heat were a once-in-200-year event. Dakar: The deadly heatwave that hit Africa’s Sahel region in early April would not have occurred in the absence of ‘anthropogenic’ climate change, according to research published Thursday by the World Weather Attribution (WWA) group. He says he didn’t. The West African countries of Mali […]