African grey parrot mocks man with chronic cough due to COPD: She ‘hates men’

A female Congo African Gray Cockatoo dislikes her ailing owner’s father and makes onomatopoeic sounds to mock the male’s chronic cough. The rescued parrot, whose name is Jack, is a female, but the parrot apparently dislikes men, reports SWNS. Jack’s owner, Lorna Webb, has a father with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 66 years old, […]

Gunmen Kill Nine Chinese at Gold Mine in Central African Republic

A crew of as yet unidentified gunmen attacked a Chinese-operated gold mine in the Central African Republic (CAR) on Sunday, killing nine Chinese and wounding two more. The Chinese government has warned its citizens not to leave Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, after the attack, and dictator Xi Jinping has demanded “severe […]

6 live giant African snails seized at Detroit airport customs

US Customs and Border Protection found six live giant African snails in a suitcase when a traveler recently arrived at Detroit Metro Airport. All of these were meant to be eaten. When the traveler arrived in the United States from Ghana, the snail was in a suitcase and was quickly intercepted by CBP. They are […]

Detroit Metro Airport Staff Discover 6 Giant African Snails In Traveler’s Suitcase

Detroit Metropolitan Airport officials found a half-dozen snails in travelers’ suitcases at a Michigan airport last week. Agents working with US Customs in conjunction with the Agriculture Division of Border Protection seized a total of six African snails on March 9 and subsequently seized them. detroit newsA slippery gastropod was stolen from a package believed […]

French-Senegalese Customs Officer Bought African Mansion with Drug Cash

The African-born French customs officer is alleged to have recently purchased a huge house in his native Senegal. A customs officer who worked at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport was arrested along with 11 others this week as part of a massive police drive into a cocaine network that trades in around 100 to 130 […]

New West African lion cubs offer hope that species can thrive again

New footage reveals a West African lion gave birth to a cub, giving experts new hope that an endangered species can beat extinction. A camera trap video captured in February in Senegal’s Nikolo Coba National Park shows mother lion Florence tending her three cubs. The Guardian reported. During a particularly humorous moment, two male and […]

China beating Tesla, US in African lithium rush

Check out what’s being clicked on China beat out Tesla in lithium mining in Nigeria as leaders from the United States and other major countries and across Europe raced to go electric amid growing concerns about climate change. But China’s growing involvement in the electric game isn’t necessarily out of environmental concerns, as China […]

Lindsey Graham to Enjoy Taxpayer-Funded African Safari with 5 Democrats 

Senator Lindsay Graham (R-South Carolina) says she will enjoy a taxpayer-funded safari with five Senate Democrats during a trip to Africa, including Zambia, South Africa, Botswana and Morocco. It is This excursion will focus on the fight against HIV/AIDS through field visits, conferences/briefings, and an informal, substantial meal designed to give a front-line view of […]

South African President Declares ‘National State of Disaster’ on Electricity Crisis

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa used his annual State of the Nation speech to parliament on Thursday night to declare a “national state of disaster” over the country’s ongoing power shortages. Watch: South African President Ramaphosa declares state of national disaster over energy crisis in national address. Live update: — Bloomberg Africa (@BloombergAfrica) […]