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Pair of MSNBC hosts agree if Biden beats COVID, it should ‘convey exactly the same thing’ as Trump beating assassin’s bullet

MSNBC hosts Joy Reid and Jen Psaki agreed that if Democratic President Joe Biden recovers from COVID-19, he should “send the exact same message” as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who survived Saturday’s assassination attempt and “will bounce back quickly and head straight to his party’s convention.” Reid and Psaki took the stage Wednesday night […]

France: failure to agree on new PM puts leftwing coalition in ‘stalemate’ | France

The left-wing coalition that won the most seats in France’s early elections faced a split on Monday after its main parties announced they were suspending negotiations with others after failing to reach an agreement on a prime ministerial nominee. Just a week after the election, the fragile unity within the New Popular Front (NFP) fell […]

‘I agree with me’: Ben Shapiro’s viral comedic response to Democrat who confronts him about his religious beliefs

Ben Shapiro shut down California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell on Wednesday after the senator unsuccessfully tried to weaponize Shapiro’s personal religious beliefs. During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the controversial Global Alliance for Responsible Media, Swalwell chose to question Shapiro about a topic unrelated to the hearing: Project 2025, a plan for America’s future […]

Poll — Plurality Agree that You Can’t Hate the Media Enough

A majority of 45 percent of voters agree that we can’t hate the media enough. The Rasmussen Report Asked Between June 25-27, 2024, 1,079 US voters will be asked about the state of the US media. This date is important because the survey was conducted before the debate between former Vice President Joe Biden and […]

Fourth juror says jury agree to acquit Karen Read

Karen Reed’s lawyers, who heard a fourth juror testify that the jury unanimously acquitted her of killing her Boston police officer boyfriend, argue the mistrial came at a “moment of great confusion.” “Juror D told me he contacted me because he felt ‘uncomfortable’ with the way the trial ended,” Reed’s attorney, Alan Jackson, wrote in […]

Americans agree that something must be done to save Social Security: survey

A recent survey found that most Americans were unaware that Social Security benefits could be subject to cuts over the next decade. (iStock) A recent survey found that Americans who are unaware of the impending changes to Social Security are the only ones who aren’t bothered by them. According to the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, […]