People ‘Getting Ahead’ But They ‘Remember’ ‘Prices Were Lower’ and COVID Hurt

In an interview that aired on “PBS NewsHour” Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen responded to a question about Americans’ economic pessimism, saying, “The pandemic has had a very significant and lasting impact on their lifestyles and attitudes. It made an impact.” And even though people are “getting ahead in the ranks,” “some things that are […]

Caleb Williams tries to quell any Bears rumors ahead of NFL Draft

Caleb Williams is trying to make it clear that he has no problem being drafted by the Bears. Projected to be the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft, he did a little bit of damage control in the game. Interview with ESPN published Wednesday In it, he told the media he would be […]

New York State Dems Pass More Favorable Congressional Map Ahead Of November

The Democratic-controlled New York State Legislature passed a new congressional map Wednesday after rejecting another, less favorable proposal. Both chambers rejected the New York Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) proposal plan It was the only day that gave Democrats a chance to boost their approval ratings in November.State Democratic Party’s Slightly Modified New plan,In other words […]

Bitcoin Bulls Target $69K Lifetime Highs Ahead of Halving – CoinDesk

Excitement, institutional buying demand, and historic gains related to Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Some traders say the halving event is putting the asset on track to surpass March’s lifetime high of $69,000. Bitcoin halvings have always been associated with bull markets, with asset prices increasing by hundreds of percent in the months following previous events. Halvings occur […]

Alpine managing expectations ahead of 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix

The more time you spend around F1, the more you appreciate the often brutal honesty of drivers and team members. In contrast to other sports such as the NFL, where players and coaches often keep their cards close to the vest, F1 drivers and team principals have a lot of information on where they are […]

Toto Wolff talks ‘encouraging’ signs ahead of F1 Bahrain Grand Prix

Mercedes had one goal in mind for the 2024 F1 season. Give drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell a consistent race car all season long. Ahead of the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff confirmed that the team had achieved its goals based on the results of pre-season testing in Bahrain last […]


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