Biden’s Ukraine Aid Plan Hides a Migrant ‘Magnet’

President Joe Biden's request for $106 billion in emergency military aid to Ukraine and Israel includes a hidden magnet for increased immigration that exposes American communities to more poverty, drugs and terrorism threats, Republicans say. the senators said. “When I saw this emergency appendix… [we found it] We continue to facilitate the large-scale migration we […]

Bulgaria approves more military aid for Ukraine

Bulgaria's parliament approved additional military aid to Ukraine on Friday. The proposal passed with a majority of 147 votes and would provide Kiev with defective and redundant anti-aircraft systems and surface-to-air missiles. Military experts say Ukraine has the facilities needed to repair missiles or disassemble them for spare parts. Bulgaria's parliament on Friday approved providing […]

Senate Republicans Block Ukraine, Israel Aid Bill Due to Border Crisis

Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked an emergency spending bill that would have sent billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine and Israel over the border crisis. according to town hallAll Senate Republicans voted 51-49 against the procedural vote that would have brought forward a $110.5 billion national security bill that includes $50 billion in security […]

Sinking Biden should trade secure border for Ukraine aid

This is how interested President Biden is in defending Ukraine. President Biden is refusing to even discuss Republican demands to beef up border security in exchange for $61 billion in aid that the White House tells us is essential in the fight against Russia. In a letter to Congressional leaders, the Biden administration's budget director, […]

If Ukraine Aid Is Not Passed, U.S. Troops Will Be Deployed

President Joe Biden reiterated his defense secretary's warning in an address to the nation this week, saying that unless Congress passes $64 billion in aid to Ukraine, U.S. troops will fight Russia in Europe. “This can't wait. Congress needs to pass additional funding for Ukraine before we go on vacation. It's that simple,” Biden began. […]

Palestinian criticizes Hamas in Al-Jazeera interview for taking aid

An elderly Palestinian woman bravely led Hamas on a mission to hoard international aid for desperate civilians during an interview with Al Jazeera inside the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, according to the Washington, D.C.-based Media Institute. Gave. According to footage and translations, the unidentified woman denounced the terrorist organizations that control Gaza, but she spoke […]

‘Nonsense’ that Ukraine is failing, says aid boosts US jobs

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron has called it “nonsense” that Ukraine is failing in its efforts to protect itself from Russia. Prime Minister David Cameron, who is currently Britain's foreign secretary, spoke with Fox News' Jennifer Griffin at the Aspen Security Forum on Thursday to discuss questions about continued U.S. support for the Russian […]

Israel Defends Its Efforts To Deliver Aid In Gaza Says Just Matter Of Logistics

The war was sparked by Hamas' October 7 surprise attack on Israel (File) Gaza: Israel on Thursday defended its efforts to deliver aid to the Gaza Strip, after harsh criticism of Israel's response to the unfolding humanitarian crisis in the Hamas-run Palestinian territory. The Israeli military siege has restricted the supply of food, water, fuel […]

“People With Sober Minds Kremlin Says Hopes US Congress Will Block Ukraine Aid

President Putin claimed that without Western support, Ukraine's military would collapse in a week Moscow: The Kremlin said Thursday it hopes U.S. lawmakers will continue to block the White House's request for emergency aid to Ukraine amid an internal feud in Washington over immigration reform. Republican senators earlier blocked $106 billion in emergency aid, primarily […]