Australian travelers warn about Apple AirTag tracker placed in luggage in Bali: report

Goldin Auctions founder Ken Goldin showcases some of the unique sports and technology items being auctioned at Varney & Co. An Australian couple traveling to Bali was reportedly stunned to find an Apple AirTag in their luggage. Sydney, Australia-based 7News reported that Emily Sinclair and her partner Jane traveled to Bali when they found the […]

Is an AirTag dangerous to your dog?

Apple AirTag is my #1 pick to track your dog. However, if not properly attached to your pet, the device can pose more danger than reward. This is one of those veterinary bills you don’t want to pay. CLICK TO GET KURT’S CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, SECURITY ALERTS AND EASY HOW-TO’S TO […]

Car thieves thwarted by Apple AirTag tracking

A North Carolina couple had their car stolen while they were sleeping. But thanks to the Apple AirTag, I was able to find the culprit within minutes. Antar and Leslie Muhammad woke up Saturday morning to find their Toyota Camry stolen from their driveway in Cary, North Carolina. Antar Muhammad said WRAL“When I woke up, […]

North Carolina family outsmart car thieves with Apple AirTag

A North Carolina couple wakes up to find that their car has been stolen while they were sleeping. Luckily for them, the Apple AirTag announced their location and they were able to locate the car within minutes. “They picked the wrong car that night,” Leslie Muhammad told WRAL News. Doorbell video footage shows the two […]