Rep. Cammack concerned about AI’s impact on 2024 election: ‘Critical issue’

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Pinkerton: AI’s $7 Trillion Man

Baby boomers will remember the TV series the six million dollar man It was broadcast on ABC from 1974 to 1978. (Younger viewers may watch reruns on Peacock or YouTube.) It was an expensive, high-tech show for its time that imagined the main character having “bionic” limbs and new eyes. Since then, there has been […]

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, US House Speaker Mike Johnson Discuss AI’s risk

Europe is ahead of the US when it comes to AI-related regulations, with European lawmakers drafting AI regulations. Washington: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman met with Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson at the Capitol on Thursday, and the two discussed the risks of artificial intelligence, the lawmaker's office and the ChatGPT maker's boss said. revealed. Why […]

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts warns of AI’s perils in deciding cases, legal matters ahead of contentious election year

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts on Sunday cautioned about the future of federal courts, warning of the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) in deciding cases and other important legal matters. His remarks, published in the federal attorney general's year-end annual report, did not address current controversies surrounding his court, including calls for greater transparency […]

Chief justice centers Supreme Court annual report on AI’s dangers

Chief Justice John Roberts warns that courts must consider the appropriate use of artificial intelligence (AI) in his annual report after a tumultuous year for the Supreme Court. described as a new frontier of change. “We predict that there will be human judges for some time,” Roberts wrote in his report. “However, with equal confidence, […]

Open AI’s Sam Altman was ‘totally wrong’ about antisemitism

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, said he was “completely wrong” about the extent to which “the American left” is rife with anti-Semitism. “I have long said that anti-Semitism, especially on the American left, is not as bad as people claim,” Altman wrote on the social media account X on Thursday. “I just want to say […]


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