‘I Actually Had An AK-47’: Tucker Reflects On Being Shot At In Middle East

Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson reflected Thursday on being shot at in the Middle East while interviewing comedian Dave Smith. Carlson told Smith that a “gun battle” broke out at a house he was at while documenting the Iraq War in 2003. “And one night I’m sitting on the roof on a sat phone trying […]

This bulletproof body armor exoskeleton innovation can take rounds from AK-47 assault rifle

There are new body armor and exoskeleton innovations that could be game-changers for the people we serve and protect. It’s called the ExoM exoskeleton. This innovative product is designed to protect military and police forces in high-risk situations. ExoM exoskeleton (Stanko Gruden/Maeler Protection) ExoM Exoskeleton features and benefits of ExoM exoskeleton offers four key features […]

Charles Doty Jr. pleads guilty to threatening Little Caesars employee with AK-47

A Tennessee man has pleaded guilty to threatening a Little Caesars employee with an AK-47 when the pizza he ordered was not “fresh.” Charles Doty Jr., 64, allegedly pointed a high-powered rifle at an employee’s face on his first day at the Knoxville chain in November 2021 because he thought his pizza order was taking […]

Feds nab driver whose passenger was seen in viral AK-47 pic

A suspected mobster has been arrested two years after his girlfriend went viral for hanging out of her Cadillac with a mini AK-47 in her hand, federal prosecutors said. Federal prosecutors said he was identified after wearing the photo on a T-shirt and bragging about it online. The woman made headlines in July 2021 when […]

Florida man who had AK-47 in car was headed to CIA before he was arrested

A Florida man with an AK-47 rifle in his car was arrested outside a kindergarten in Northern Virginia after he told officers he was heading to CIA headquarters, police said Wednesday. It is said that it was done. Fairfax County Police said the man had been charged with felony possession of a firearm at school […]

Wyoming Democrat Posts Meme of Grandma Firing AK-47 to Protect Transgender People

Minority whip in the Wyoming House of Representatives, Carly Provenza (D), said less than a week after a 28-year-old transgender person enrolled in a Christian school that killed six, an AK-47 used to post a granny meme protecting transgender people. . The meme shows a grandma holding an AK-47 and the text reads, “Aunt Fa […]