Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs sues alcohol giant for alleged racist practices, claims company treated his brands worse ‘because he is black’

Hip-hop artist, producer and entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs is suing his business partner and alcohol brand Diageo for alleged racist conduct, distribution discrepancies and favoritism to other affiliated brands. reported. Guardian. Court filings revealed that Combs’ attorney said: Diageo And its executives “stepped into the neck of Mr. Combs’ brand,” sucking up production and distribution […]

NYC Migrant Hotel Descends into ‘Free for All’ with Drugs, Alcohol

One of Mayor Eric Adams’ (D) immigrant hotels in midtown Manhattan has been accused of drugging and drinking “all night long” by newly arrived border crossers and illegal aliens staying at the hotel for free. It was reported that there was a suspicion that it was in a “free for everyone” state. eyewitness reports. After […]

Gen Z teens are drinking less alcohol, socializing online

Kids these days don’t have the same goals that teenagers had in 1999, like getting drunk at parties. Generation Z teens in 2022 were far more likely to stay sober or drink less throughout high school than teens in 1999-2001, according to a new study. published In the journal Drug and Alcohol Review, Back then, […]

Amazon bringing age verification for alcohol purchases to Amazon One palm recognition technology

Slatestone Wealth Chief Market Strategist Kenny Polcari and FOX Business’s Lauren Simonetti discuss the performance of tech and Amazon stocks. A new feature in Amazon’s palm-recognition technology will allow users to prove they’re over the legal drinking age without showing physical ID when purchasing alcohol. The e-commerce giant announced Monday that Amazon One’s age verification […]

Selena Gomez’ Organ Donor Reportedly Upset The Star Continues To Consume Alcohol

Selena Gomez’s childhood friend and organ donor Francia Raisa is reportedly upset that Gomez continues to drink even after donating a kidney to save the star. The actress and longtime friend of Gomez recently dodged a question about the relationship, leading fans to believe it was tense. TMZ. It was recently reported that Raisa’s father, […]

Wisconsin bill would let minors serve alcohol, with some restrictions

A bill introduced by two Wisconsin Republican lawmakers would allow employees as young as 14 to serve alcohol to seated customers. However, the proposal outlines important restrictions and still does not allow minors to become barristers. If this proposal becomes law, Wisconsin will have the lowest age limit for alcohol servers in the nation. Wisconsin’s […]

Looters Hit California Gas Station for Food, Alcohol, Condoms

Looters targeted a gas station in Compton, Calif., on Sunday night, severely damaging the store. Reportedly, thousands of dollars worth of items Stolen According to ABC 7, during the incident that took place at an Arco gas station near Alondra Boulevard and Central Avenue. video footage show As the crowd gathers around them, two figures […]