San Francisco’s ‘Managed Alcohol Program’ gives free booze to alcoholics

San Francisco has a $5 million program that provides free alcohol to homeless alcoholics. The city says it is implementing a managed alcohol program to stabilize drinking patterns. Supporters say the program is effective, but it has many critics. (news nation) — San Francisco is offering a $5 million program to provide free alcohol to […]

Belgian man whose body makes its own alcohol cleared of drunk-driving | Belgium

A Belgian man has been found not guilty of drink-driving because he has automatic brewing syndrome (ABS), an extremely rare condition in which the body produces alcohol, his lawyer announced. Ansu Ghesquière said on Monday that in “another unfortunate coincidence” that her client worked at a brewery, three doctors who independently examined him confirmed he […]

MI 12-Year-Old Mistakenly Served Alcohol at Outback Steakhouse

A 12-year-old boy from Livonia, Michigan, was taken to the hospital after accidentally ingesting an alcoholic beverage at Outback Steakhouse. The boy, who calls himself Mekyle Cureton, frequently visits the restaurant and always orders a virgin strawberry daiquiri called “Fox 2.” report Tuesday. However, on his most recent visit, the drink had rum in it […]

Jeopardy winner jokes about blowing $86K on sports gambling, alcohol

Commercial Content 21+ Season 39 Jeopardy winner Jake DeAruda is a man with simple tastes for his newfound wealth “I was 23 years old last year when my game aired, so I did what anyone under 25 would do,” De Arruda said on Wednesday’s show. “I’m quick to spend my checks on sports gambling, women, […]

OHA aims to rebuild trust after withholding alcohol tax report –

Portland, Oregon (light seal) — At Friday’s task force meeting, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) said it is prioritizing restoring community trust after previously hiding reports from the public. The report states that increasing taxes will not curb abusive drinking, contradicting OHA’s previous efforts to increase taxes. Overall, the report also found that higher taxes […]

Zach Williams on his Prodigal Journey: Jesus Saved Me from Drugs & Alcohol

When Zach Williams reads the fable of the prodigal son, he sees himself in the story. Like the wayward son in the Bible story, Williams separated from his family as an adult and rejected the beliefs and values ​​he had been taught from birth. He became addicted to marijuana. He became a heavy drinker. He […]