Alito rejects calls to recuse from tax case after Wall Street Journal interviews

Conservative judge Samuel Alito on Friday rejected calls to withdraw from a major tax lawsuit after two meetings with lawyers involved in the case. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) and others urge Alito to walk away from the case after The Wall Street Journal’s opinion column published two interviews with the judge. I […]

Democratic senator files ethics complaint against Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito

A senior Democratic senator is about to file an ethics lawsuit against Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito for allegedly violating several codes of judicial ethics. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (DR.I.), who also chairs the Senate Judiciary Court Subcommittee, formally calls for an ethics complaint questioning Alito’s public criticism of the White House’s Supreme Court ethics reform […]

Pelosi: ‘Shameful’ that Alito, Thomas so ‘cavalier’ about ethics

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) said on Sunday that it was “shameful” that Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas are so “nonchalant” about ethics. “Well, I think they have the opportunity to write some ethical rules themselves. That’s what the presiding judge said we could do ourselves. It doesn’t seem like there’s […]

Conservatives Slam ProPublica’s ‘Hit Piece’ on SCOTUS Justice Alito

Conservatives have accused non-profit news outlet ProPublica of appearing to target Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito with this week’s story. pro publica published A Tuesday article (later filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court) that Alito took a “luxury fishing vacation” with Republican billionaire Paul Singer in 2008. The article cited left-wing claims that Alito […]

Pence: Democrats are trying to ‘bully’ Supreme Court Justices Alito, Thomas

Former Vice President Mike Pence, who is running for president in 2024, says Democrats and their allies on the left are trying to “bully” conservative Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas in court. said he was upset with the ideological imbalance of Mr Pence commented in response. ProPublica Report Alito and Thomas did not disclose […]

Justice Alito fishing vacation story is ‘bait’ for ‘reeling in’ cash from ‘woke billionaires,’ critic claims

Independent nonpartisan media ProPublica, which recently published a series of articles about conservative Supreme Court justices and their lavish vacations, was published in 2010 by a group affiliated with the liberal black money network Arabella Advisors. It has since received more than $40 million. Leonard Leo, a long-time influencer in conservative legal circles, wrote in […]