Startling video shows Florida alligator lunging at couple riding in golf cart

A Florida couple was chased by an alligator while riding a golf cart, as seen in recent footage. The video, taken by bystander Dennis Prouse, shows the alligator roaming through a residential area in Ave Maria, Florida, on February 16th. The reptile was facing the pond when the couple drove by in their golf cart. […]

Wild Video Shows Alligator Chasing After Golfers In Florida

Ah…Florida. A land of the free, a tropical setting, and a crocodile that will munch on you without hesitation. In the Sunshine State, 1.3 million crocodiles As you probably guessed, they are found everywhere in states where water is present. And it just so happens that there are a lot of golf courses…that have running […]

Invasive alligator snapping turtle native to Florida rescued out of lake in England

There was nothing ‘fluffy’ about this creature caught from a small lake in England. The alligator snapping turtle, an invasive species native to Florida known for its vicious bite, was discovered in the county of Cumbria in northwest England, where a local worker fished it out in a shopping cart. BBC reported. The creature was […]

Florida woman injured while saving dog from alligator

A South Florida woman survived a harrowing incident on New Year's Eve when she was attacked by an alligator while trying to save her dog from a rampaging reptile. Gwen Cash was taking her Rottweiler Maximus for a walk near her Pembroke Pines home when an alligator rapidly approached her pet. WSVN reported. “Within five […]

Florida alligator caught devouring python at national park

An amateur photographer in Florida shot a video in Everglades National Park that replaces “wild” with “wildlife.” Alison Joslyn caught an alligator eating a Burmese python, a large snake not native to Florida, while riding her bike in the Shark Valley portion of the park on Dec. 20 and shared the footage on social media. […]

Extremely Rare White Alligator Born in Orlando’s Gatorland

Gatorland in Orlando, Florida, made history with the birth of an extremely rare white leucistic alligator, one of only eight in the entire world. The crocodile-themed park announced the “unusual” birth on Thursday. first ever of that kind According to Fox 35 Orlando, the baby will be born in captivity. “Oh, we have exciting news […]

‘Jawlene,’ the Florida alligator missing upper jaw getting stronger: reports

Jolene, a Central Florida alligator who lost her upper jaw, is healing and getting stronger, according to Gatorland. The wildlife sanctuary posted on Facebook that Jolene has been gaining weight and adjusting to her new home at Gatorland in Orlando, Florida. Gatorland’s Savannah Boan said Jolene’s journey has been a “wild one” since her arrival […]


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