No-show trans runners shouldn’t have been allowed to compete anyway

Two transgender teenage runners who withdrew from a California race after a backlash filed a lawsuit to block transgender athletes from high school sports, saying they should never have been able to compete as women in the first place. Athletes speak. Trans runners Athena Ryan and Lorelai Barrett made headlines last week when they withdrew […]

Most in new survey say colleges should be allowed to consider race in admissions 

In a recent poll, most respondents said universities should be allowed to consider race in admissions decisions because of the Supreme Court’s affirmative action rulings. A survey by the Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs and Research found that 63 percent said the Supreme Court should not prevent universities from considering race and […]

TikTok parent allowed Chinese Communist Party ‘supreme access’ to US data: suit

The Chinese Communist Party “maintained the highest access” to all data held by TikTok parent company ByteDance, including information stored in the US, says former company top executive bombs lawsuit in California court was accused of Yingao “Roger” Yu, former head of engineering for ByteDance’s U.S. operations, claimed he was fired from his job after […]

BARR: Calls For A National Police Force Must Not Be Allowed To Succeed

A national police request is a concept that is deeply inconsistent with our very constitutional form of governance and, if not common, is disturbingly repetitive. The idea is that America needs such power, not to protect it from lawlessness, but from the ideology reflected in what the Left describes as “MAGA.” The real target of […]

Novak Djokovic allowed at US Open with vaccine requirement gone

Novak Djokovic could return to this year’s US Open after missing the 2022 tournament. This is because federal mandates for his COVID-19 vaccinations for foreign air travelers expire next week. “Novak Djokovic is a great champion and a fan favorite, and we look forward to welcoming him to New York for the 2023 U.S. Open […]