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Scottie Scheffler willing to alter preparation after US Open disappointment

PINEHURST, N.C. — After all, it seems even the No. 1 ranked player in the world still has some learning to do. Despite his dominance over the past few years, Scottie Scheffler learned some things from his disappointing performance at the U.S. Open this week that he needs to adjust going forward. He may make […]

Ex-lawmaker George Santos offering Cameo videos with his drag queen alter ego

George Santos’ former staff involved in successor election Nysa Woomer, a Republican strategist whose work includes work in the administrations of ousted Rep. George Santos and former Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, spoke to Fox News Digital about the special election in New York’s 3rd Congressional District. Disgraced former congressman George Santos announced his latest cash […]

What You Eat Could Alter Your Unborn Children And Grandchildren’s Genes

What you eat can affect your unborn child and grandchildren, scientific research shows Over the past century, researchers’ understanding of genetics has changed significantly. Genes, the regions of DNA primarily responsible for our physical characteristics, were originally thought to be unchanging. original model of genetics It was pioneered in 1865 by biologist Gregor Mendel. In […]

Gen Z ‘falling for’ ChatGPT dark alter ego DAN, ‘naughty’ fantasies

Gen Z is “obsessed” with ChatGPT’s dark alter ego DAN. DAN (an acronym for Do Anything Now) is a jailbroken version of ChatGPT that allows AI technology to converse with users in previously restricted ways and topics, such as befriending them and discussing politics. Masu. As people begin to experiment with advanced technology, some users […]

How Filip Chytil return could alter Rangers’ trade deadline

Read what experts think about the Blueshirts Subscribe to Inside the Rangers with Larry Brooks, a weekly exclusive on Sports+. As trade deadline rumors begin to move, the Rangers received a positive update on what will ultimately determine how the club approaches March 8th. Filip Sitil has spent the past three weeks in his home […]

92% of savers to alter 2024 resolutions due to financial stress

Michael Shamrell, Vice President of Workplace Investment Thought Leadership at Fidelities, shares the best ways to save for retirement based on age and salary. A new report from Fidelity Investments finds that the majority of Americans planning for a financial resolution in 2024 are changing their goals due to financial pressures. Two-thirds of Americans plan […]

My daughter was left at the alter because she’s bisexual

Dear Abby: Three days before my daughter ‘Ginger’s’ wedding, her fiancé called and told her that he couldn’t marry her because she was bisexual. He’d known about it for a year, but waited until three days before the wedding to mention it. Needless to say, my husband and I were shocked, embarrassed, and devastated. We […]

Child psychiatrist used AI to alter photos of children into child porn

A child psychiatrist in North Carolina has been sentenced to a significant prison term for child pornography crimes. A Charlotte man reportedly took photos of children and used artificial intelligence to alter them into child pornography. David Tatum, 41, was convicted in May of one count of manufacturing child pornography, one count of transporting child […]

Heidi Klum, Coco Austin make headlines with provocative alter egos: PHOTOS

heidi klum App users, click here to post Ahead of her final outfit reveal, supermodel Heidi Klum posted a photo on Instagram of herself lying naked on a fluffy pink sofa, captioning it: “The calm before the storm.” Klum has historically gone all out for Halloween, hosting a huge party every year for almost 23 […]