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Ryan Garcia’s ex Andrea Celina accuses him of destroying home

The former partner of newly deported boxer Ryan Garcia is reporting that Garcia vandalized her home and sent her harassing messages, including “I’m going to kill you.” Andrea Celina, who has two children with Garcia, Bella and Henry, reportedly posted messages and screenshots detailing the boxer’s alleged behavior towards her, which were shared on X […]

Andrea Yates, who drowned 5 kids, is refusing chance to go free

Andrea Yates, the Texas mother who drowned her five young children in 2001 while suffering from postpartum psychosis, remains in a psychiatric hospital and, if she has her way, will never be released. The Washington Post has confirmed that Yates last month declined to attend a hearing to determine whether he is competent to be […]

Andrea Kimi Antonelli captures maiden F2 win as Mercedes F1 decision looms

As for Saturday, it was an impressive day for young Andrea Kimi Antonelli. And with a decision looming at Mercedes, he has added a significant item to his resume. Antonelli won the Formula 2 sprint race in rainy wet conditions, leading every lap from reverse pole position to claim his first F2 victory. The win […]

ANDREA PICCIOTTI-BAYER: Biden Admin Shows Just How Low It Will Go To Promote Abortion

It’s astounding how low the Biden administration will stoop in order to promote abortion. In its latest move, mid-level bureaucrats have been enlisted to spread medical falsehoods and act as fearmongers, using their own personal tragedies to twist the relationship between doctors and law enforcement. (RELATED: PETER ROFF: COVID Is Over — But Did We […]

Crime up in NY Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins’ hometown

State Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins ​​went missing in Yonkers. According to data obtained by the Post, Paul wakes up and sees an uptick in unrest in his hometown, aligned with Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie on policies to fight crime and defund the police. ing. According to Yonkers Police Department statistics, the number of robberies has increased […]

Alleged Would-Be School Shooter Andrea Ye Identifies as Male, Prefers the Name ‘Alex’

Andrea Yeh, a Montgomery County, Maryland, would-be school shooter who prefers to be called “Alex,” wrote that she killed elementary school students because “young children are easy targets.” of new york post report You are biologically female, but identify as male. Breitbart News noted that Ye wrote a 129-page manifesto that was reported to the […]

Chase Daniel Jones charged in fatal crash that killed Andrea Hudson, 2 kids

An 18-year-old motorist has been charged with murder after allegedly driving an Audi A4 at more than 100 mph in a minivan that killed a Washington mother and her three children, prosecutors said. announced. Chase Daniel Jones had his mother, Andrea Hudson, 38, Boyd Buster Brown, 12, and sisters Matilda Wilcoxson, 13, and Eloise Wilcoxson, […]