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Ozzy Osbourne angered by Kanye West’s use of ‘Iron Man’ sample

Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne has slammed Yeh, formerly known as Kanye West, after he reportedly used parts of the group’s 1983 live performance without their consent. . “@Kanye West He asked for permission to sample a portion of a live performance of “Iron Man” at a 1983 US festival without vocals, which he said […]

Hollywood insiders angered over Margot Robbie Oscars snubs

She's just Barbie – and he's Oscar-nominated Ken. Hollywood was stunned on Tuesday when “Barbie” creators Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie lost out on the Academy Awards for best director and best actress, with Ryan Gosling winning. nodded For his role as Ken, who lives by the seaside. Theories range from sexism to snobbery, with […]

Non-binary children’s book author angered by ‘parental rights’ movement

In the wake of the parent rights movement, one of the authors of a controversial children’s book has expressed his anger. Alex Gino, who identifies as non-binary and uses “they/them” pronouns, gave the interview. Yahoo News To discuss families who object to the publication of books they deem inappropriate for minors. Gino’s book “Melissa” is […]

Female Powerlifter Angered After Trans Competitor Smashes Women’s Record

Female powerlifters have lashed out at Canadian powerlifting authorities for allowing men to compete as women after swept the competition at Sunday’s event. Competitive powerlifter Ann Andres Claim Andrés, who turned women “20 years ago”, has been breaking women’s records since coming forward as a women’s powerlifter in 2020. Andres did it again at the […]

Climate Protester Thinks Karate Stance Will Deter Angered Highway Driver

A video has been posted on Twitter showing an angry driver in Switzerland forcing three climate change protesters from a road block, even though one was in a karate stance. the original video is Posted A June article by Die Welttwoche showed a Zurich motorist stopping in front of demonstrators, two of whom held up […]

Damian Lillard responds to fans angered by Blazers trade request

Damian Lillard has been cautious about whether he wants to stay in Portland, but that hasn’t been enough for some fans. Still enough for the veteran point guard to get away unscathed from angry fans on social media after news broke that Lillard had asked the Trail Blazers to send him elsewhere after years of […]