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Climate Change Key Factor Of Record-Low Antarctic Sea Ice: Study

Understanding the causes of sea ice melting is complex because there are many variables (typical ones) Climate change played a key role in last year’s record low levels of Antarctic sea ice, according to research published Monday, marking a sharp change from increases seen in previous decades. It has been found. Scientists at the British […]

Antarctic Volcano That Ships Can Sail Into May Hold Clues To Life On Mars

At Deception Island in Antarctica, steam rises from the shore and glaciers dot the black slopes of what is actually an active volcano. This rare collision of ice and fire gives scientists clues about what life might be like on Mars. This horseshoe-shaped island in the South Shetland Islands is the only place in the […]

First Penguins Die In Antarctic Of Deadly H5N1 Bird Flu Strain, Experts Raise Alarm

Past outbreaks have shown penguins to be highly vulnerable to this disease A king penguin on South Georgia Island in the Antarctic region is suspected to have died from avian influenza. guardian report. If confirmed, it would be the first species to die from the highly contagious H5N1 virus in the wild. Researchers have expressed […]

Australian man who fell ill at Antarctic base returned home after rescue mission

An Australian man who fell ill at a remote Antarctic base is returning home on an icebreaker after a difficult rescue mission, officials said Tuesday. The man worked at the Casey Institute but was suffering from an ongoing medical condition that required professional evaluation and care, officials said. The icebreaker RSV Nuina left Australia last […]

Antarctic ice melt harming emperor penguin chicks: study

The loss of ice in parts of Antarctica last year likely prevented emperor penguin chicks from surviving in four colonies, researchers reported Thursday. Emperor penguins form around the continent each winter in Antarctica, and in the summer they incubate their eggs and raise their chicks on the melting ice. Researchers used satellite imagery to study […]