Anti-police New York City Council members called ‘hypocritical’

A New York City police officer has accused anti-police councilors of “hypocrisy” after they begged police to rescue them after receiving “terrifying” threats. new york postcites sources in the New York City Police Department saying that after threats were made against New York City Councilmembers Chi Ose and Shahana Hanif, as well as Yusef Salam […]

A struggling elementary school in California paid $250,000 to an organization called “Woke Kindergarten,” which advocates messages of anti-police, anti-capitalism, anti-Israel, and disrupting whiteness.

A struggling elementary school in California paid $250,000 to a group called Walk Kindergarten, whose message includes anti-police, anti-capitalism, anti-Israel and anti-white destruction messages. Grassbrook Elementary School in Hayward was reportedly one of the lowest performing schools in the nation. To boost test scores, a San Francisco-area elementary school hired a $250,000 Walk Kindergarten. The […]

Sheriff blasts ‘misinformation campaign’ by ‘anti-police fringe,’ defends use of force in arrest of suspected drug dealer on probation who ran from cops

The sheriff of Jacksonville, Florida, denounced a “misinformation campaign” by “anti-police extremists” and defended his use of force during the arrest of a drug trafficking suspect last week. The suspect ran away from officers and appeared to resist punches. With a taser. What are the details? A passerby recorded the arrest of Lekeean Woods on […]

France bans fireworks sales ahead of Bastille Day as country reels from anti-police riots

The French government, still reeling from widespread anti-police riots, has banned the sale of fireworks ahead of Bastille Day celebrations. “In order to prevent the risk of serious disruption to public order during the 14th of July festivities, the sale, transportation, transportation and use of pyrotechnics and fireworks throughout the country is prohibited until 15th […]

Seattle CHOP suspect pleads guilty to murder in 2020 anti-police zone

seattle town A Washington state man pleaded guilty Thursday to the death of a 19-year-old inside the Capitol Hill Occupation Protest (CHOP) zone, which has since been demolished, during anti-police protests in 2020, according to reports. Marcel Long was accused of shooting dead 19-year-old Horace Lorenzo Anderson in a self-proclaimed police exclusion zone on June […]