Minnesota school district seeks to hire $100-200k ‘anti-racist’ official who can examine ‘Whiteness’

Minnesota school district made racist post Job Information We are looking for an administrator to help steer the district’s policies regarding race. The St. Louis Park Public School District recently posted a job opening for an Assistant Superintendent with an income of $134,141 to $201,212. This position “oversees district-wide efforts related to student management/discipline” and […]

Austin city government offers segregated ‘anti-racist’ trainings

City officials in Austin, Texas, invited employees to racially segregated “anti-racism” meetings where “white people” were discouraged from attending meetings reserved for “people of color.” I was asked. According to a January email obtained by Fox News Digital, an equity and inclusion coordinator for the city of Austin’s Parks and Recreation Department attended two separate […]

EXCLUSIVE: Group That Trains American Doctors To Be ‘Anti-Racist’ Defended Race-Based Admissions After SCOTUS Ruling

The Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA), the organization that trains physician assistants (PAs), held an “anti-racism town hall,” according to leaked emails obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller. PAEA is a membership-based organization. represents PA education Act A study program at schools that train PAs nationwide, include Various professional development workshops. The anti-racism event […]

NY Times columnist roasts Kendi’s ‘antiracist’ philosophy as ‘strident, simplistic’

A New York Times columnist criticized the philosophy of “anti-racist” guru Ibram Kendi as “reductionist” and “jarring”, calling the philosophy of “anti-racist” guru Ibram Kendi “reductionist” and “jarring” in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. He criticized academic institutions, corporations, and donors who supported his ideas. Times columnist Pamela Paul wrote Thursday that institutions promoting […]

Ex-Olympian equates being paid to be a professional athlete to slavery on ESPN’s new series hosted by ‘anti-racist’ Ibram X. Kendi

The former Olympian made the eye-opening comment comparing professional sports contracts to slavery during an appearance on ESPN’s new series hosted by “anti-racist” Ibram X. Kendi. ESPN offered Kendi his own series titled “Skin in the Game.”Delves It will challenge racism in sport, challenge the ideas and institutions of various governing bodies, and reveal how […]

Liberal Readers Take NYT Columnist To Task For Defending Far-Left ‘Anti-Racist’ Activist

Readers tasked New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg with defending “anti-racism” activist Ibram Kendi after Boston University’s Anti-Racism Center faced firing. Goldberg tried to protect Kendi said the downfall of the BU Anti-Racism Research Center was the result of a “failed funding model” rather than his own shortcomings. “It’s almost hard to blame the jubilation […]

Commentary: The perfect gift for your anti-racist uncle

Coincidentally, the Ibram X. Kendi controversy Thomas Sowell’s latest books. Mr. Sowell, now 93, has long been the first stop for confused liberals who are beginning to realize that racism is at the root of all problems and are making matters worse. Ta. Literally, Sowell’s “social justice fallacy” discredits Kendi’s project as much as the […]