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Apple lets rivals use tap-and-go payments but still faces multiple EU antitrust probes

The European Union’s antitrust regulator said on Thursday that Apple will open up its tap-and-go mobile payments system to rivals, but its chief executive Margrethe Vestager said the iPhone maker has not yet changed its business practices to comply with groundbreaking technology rules. The company is facing three investigations under the Digital Markets Act, which […]

Microsoft, Apple nix OpenAI board seats as antitrust scrutiny mounts

Microsoft and Apple have reportedly abandoned plans to join OpenAI’s board of directors as observers, a move that comes as both tech giants face increased antitrust scrutiny in the US and Europe. Microsoft, which has invested $13 billion in CEO Sam Altman’s ChatGPT maker, notified OpenAI in a letter late Tuesday that it was giving […]

NFL ordered to pay $4.7 billion in ‘Sunday Ticket’ antitrust lawsuit

After just two days of deliberations, the jury in the NFL “Sunday Ticket” trial found the NFL had violated antitrust laws. By making “Sunday Ticket” available only on DirecTV and monopolizing the price, the jury found the league must pay about $4.7 billion to fans and an additional $96 million to bars that used the […]

NFL ordered to pay nearly $5B in Sunday Ticket antitrust case

A jury on Thursday ordered the National Football League to pay about $4.8 billion, finding the league violated antitrust laws by distributing its “Sunday Ticket” packages of out-of-market games on a single satellite television service. The months-long class action lawsuit awarded more than $4.6 billion in damages to a group of 2.4 million home subscribers […]

AI a ‘fire accelerator’ for Big Tech antitrust abuse: Andreas Mundt

Germany’s top antitrust official warned on Wednesday that the rise of advanced artificial intelligence tools will act as a “prime accelerator” for anti-competitive behaviour by big tech companies. The warning from Germany’s Federal Cartel Office chief Andreas Mundt comes as AI leaders such as Microsoft, Google and Nvidia face increased scrutiny from U.S. and European […]

Apple becomes first tech giant charged under Europe’s new antitrust law

Apple has become the first US tech giant to be indicted under the European Union’s tough new tech antitrust law and could face multi-billion-dollar fines for throttling developers on its App Store. The European Commission said on Monday that the iPhone maker may have violated EU digital markets law by banning app developers from easily […]

Google loses bid to avoid trial in DOJ’s digital advertising antitrust case

A federal judge ruled Friday that internet search giant Alphabet Inc.’s Google must go on trial to answer claims by U.S. antitrust authorities that it illegally dominates the online advertising technology market. U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema in Alexandria, Virginia, denied Google’s motion during a hearing, according to court records. Google had argued for victory […]

Google AI-powered search engine could invite fresh antitrust scrutiny

Google’s AI-powered search engine is seen as a potential death blow to cash-strapped media, with some experts arguing that a new US antitrust crackdown is the industry’s only hope for survival. Critics warn that Google could gain dangerously strong control over the flow of information and advertising dollars on the internet unless courts or Congress […]

Feds Intensify Antitrust Scrutiny of AI Giants Microsoft, OpenAI, Nvidia

Federal regulators have reportedly reached an agreement to investigate the dominant roles played by Microsoft, OpenAI and Nvidia in the rapidly evolving AI industry. of The New York Times Reports The Justice Department and FTC agreed last week to move forward with an antitrust investigation into the conduct of major AI companies, according to two […]