TX Congress Candidate Advanced DEI Programs, Now Anti-Woke Warrior

John Huffman, the mayor of Southlake, Texas, has said he wants to promote programs that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), but now he describes himself as an anti-woke warrior. There is. Mr. Huffman is Retire Congressman Michael Burgess (R-Texas) represents Texas' 26th Congressional District, which includes parts of Denton, Wise, Cook, and Tarrant counties. […]

Cameron tapped as CEO of ‘anti-woke’ group after Kentucky gubernatorial loss

Former Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has been tapped to lead a group resisting what it sees as “extraordinary ideology” in the corporate sector and is running for governor in one of the nation's most closely watched races. Since then, the next chapter of the Republican Party has begun. In 2023. Prime Minister Cameron has […]

Defense bill includes ‘anti-woke’ bans on military drag shows, critical race theory

WASHINGTON – This year's annual defense spending bill includes a series of “anti-woke” measures pushed by House Republicans, including stripping funding for military drag show performances and criticizing This includes outlawing the teaching of racial theory. “I fought hard to keep the Department of Defense from spending money on drag queen shows and drag queen […]

Did last week’s elections mark the end of the anti-woke ‘parents’ rights’ movement?

The Nov. 7 election will be a boon for school board candidates advocating limits on “woke” instruction and classroom discussion of “divisive concepts” including race, racism, sexuality, and gender identity. didn’t work. The American Federation of Teachers estimates that 80 percent of the candidates it endorsed in 250 elections elected. He praised AFT Chairman Randi […]

Anti-woke app PublicSq. sees spike in traffic from Democrats

As big companies struggle to respond to the Israel-Hamas war, business is flowing to companies that have avoided wokeness, and some of the new shoppers are Democrats. Public Square – a shopping website and app that requires publicly listed companies to adhere to values ​​such as “liberty,” “family” and “the Constitution” – has tripled its […]

Water brand aims to tap anti-woke market

For those who are not awake, it is water. Republican entrepreneurs are starting their own businesses. freedom 2oa bottled water targeting thirsty Republican voters and promising a taste of liberal tears. Priced at $11.00 for a 6-pack, it hit the internet and appeared on billboards in Times Square on October 27, coinciding with the anniversary […]

EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Woke Caucus Notches Wins In Gov’t Spending Bills

The government spending bill is expected to include several amendments sponsored by members of the House Anti-Woke caucus aimed at stripping funding for left-wing programs after the price hike, the latest of which is It was held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The spending bill includes anti-woke provisions, including overturning COVID-19 vaccines and workplace mandates. […]


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