GREG GUTFELD: Blue Jays’ Anthony Bass’ apology is a hot, steaming pile of crap

Gutfeld: This is a forced apology “Gutfeld!” Panelists commented on Blue Jays’ Anthony Bass facing backlash after apologizing for sharing “a pro-Christian video on his Instagram account.” newYou can now listen to Fox News articles. fault. Happy Thursday everyone. Today is June 1st and you know what that means. Pat Boone’s birthday. Everyone should try […]

Anthony Bass’ apology ‘first step’ after anti-LGBTQ+ post: manager

Anthony Bass’ apology wasn’t enough for Blue Jays manager John Schneider. The Toronto captain sparked an uproar Tuesday after Bass shared a video on his Instagram story Monday calling for boycotts of Target and Baglight amid an ongoing LGBTQ+ advocacy campaign. said he apologized to Schneider said Bass’ apology was “the first step” in finding […]

Musk issues mock apology after Soros comments

Elon Musk hasn’t backed down after declaring that George Soros reminds him of the cartoon character Magneto. marvel said of the character, “Professor Charles Xavier and the X-Men both claim to be Magneto’s primary and long-standing enemies, but are often on the same team.” “Soros reminds me of Magneto,” Musk said. tweeted on monday — […]

Shannon Sharpe mocks Ja Morant apology with ChatGPT claim

Shannon Sharp wasn’t impressed with Ja Morant’s latest apology. The NFL Hall of Famer mocked the Grizzlies star in his predicament on Wednesday’s episode of “Undisputed,” referring to a video of him holding a gun on Saturday. claimed to be the result of the intelligence program ChatGPT. “Skip, that’s not it, Ja [talks]’” Sharpe told […]

Ja Morant address second gun-video controversy with apology

Ja Morant addressed his recent gun controversy for the first time late Tuesday night. The Grizzlies superstar was caught on video last weekend for what he believed to be the second time he possessed a firearm in two months, and the team was suspended indefinitely to further investigate the matter. Morant apologized in his first […]

Brett Favre Drops Defamation Lawsuit Against Pat McAfee Following Public Apology

Brett Favre has dropped his lawsuit against former NFL punter and current sportscaster Pat McAfee. McAfee announced the reversal on his popular YouTube show, stating, “As I have confirmed in my court documents, I repeat here, my comedic remarks are based solely on public information and allegations.” McAfee continued. By re-defining these points, Brett is […]

Panel in California, a Free State Since Birth, Recommends Reparations, Apology for Slavery

A panel established by California Gov. Gavin Newsom (Democrat) in 2020 made recommendations for slavery reparations and apologies in Oakland on Saturday, despite the state’s admission to the United States as a free state in 1850. approved. of los angeles times report: California’s Reparations Task Force voted Saturday to recommend that the state issue a […]