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JOSH HAMMER: Biden Is Committing Political Suicide By Appeasing Hamas

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s ill-fated 2024 presidential campaign was much criticized for being “too online.” But Democrats are no less prone to fall into that same trap. Now-Vice President Kamala Harris’s 2020 presidential campaign, which generated considerable initial buzz before it abruptly sputtered, was infamous for listening too much to left-wing TV hosts and social […]

Daily Show’s Jon Stewart Blasts CNN Town Hall for Appeasing Donald Trump

former daily show Host Jon Stewart lashed out at CNN’s town hall event with Donald Trump. Because he felt that the event did not teach viewers anything new about the former president. But even worse, he accused CNN of bowing to Trump’s wishes and refusing to answer tough questions. The first words out of CNN […]

Republicans push Biden to stop ‘appeasing’ China and shoot down the spy balloon

A handful of Republican lawmakers are urging President Biden to quickly shoot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon over Montana. “President Biden should stop coddling and appeasing Chinese communists,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Nevada) tweeted on Friday. “Drop the balloon now and take advantage of that tech package. This could be an intelligence bonanza.” Republicans Rip […]