Texas Border School Districts Report Threats as Uvalde Shooting Anniversary Approaches

As the anniversary of the Uvalde Elementary School shooting approaches, school district officials in the Texas border area have reported multiple threats of violence. Parents are reportedly rushing to pick up their children from school. Officials at the San Felipe del Rio Consolidated Independent School District reported receiving threats of violence from law enforcement through […]

Watch live: Mayorkas joins White House press briefing as Title 42 deadline approaches

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorcas will join Presidential Press Secretary Carine Jeanpierre at a press conference on Thursday. The briefing comes as Article 42 of the Immigration Policy, which allows the expedited deportation of immigrants without having them apply for asylum, expires on Thursday. The Biden administration is set to sharply limit asylum after Title […]

Tropical storm approaches US territory in Pacific

A small island in the Pacific Ocean of monumental importance to America’s Indo-Pacific relations faces its first tropical threat of the year known as tropical storm Samvu. We are approaching Guam. The island is located in the southern part of the Mariana Islands, within a zone where tropical cyclones can occur year-round. Sanvu was the […]

Five pressing issues facing Mets as season fast approaches

port street. LUCIE — The Mets bring most of their team to his coast in Gulf, Florida, for an exhibition game against the Braves and Rays starting Thursday. There is still work to be won and lost, and the focus will shift to the season opener on March 30 in Miami. The World Baseball Classic […]

Professor calls for more ‘anti-racist approaches’ in cancer research: ‘There is no such thing as not being racist’

In a recent University of Michigan presentation on health equity, Maryland Professor called for more ‘anti-racist approach to patient engagement’ in cancer research. Christabel Cheung, M.D., assistant professor of social work at the University of Maryland, published a February paper titled “Calls to Action and Responses: Engaging Anti-Racist Patients in Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology […]

Confidence in US housing market approaches an all-time low

Consumer confidence in the US housing market approached a record low in February as buyers and sellers grappled with a new surge in mortgage rates and growing fears about job security. Fannie Mae’s Monthly Home Buying Sentiment Index fell 3.6 points to 58.0 in February, close to the low recorded last October when average mortgage […]

California storms leave state battered as next one approaches

Plagued by the unusual snow, rain and flooding that recently hit the Golden State, Californians are bracing for another storm that promises to bring even worse weather Sunday night. But the next round could bring a few more feet of snow to the mountains, 50 mph gusts to the Sacramento Valley, and about half an […]