Oktoberfest ‘costumes’ blasted by Prince of Bavaria Luitpold Rupprecht Heinrich as’cultural appropriation’

The Prince of Bavaria calls Oktoberfest-goers “dressing up to get drunk” at the German beer festival “cultural appropriation” and slams those who would rather party than celebrate tradition. . “When you see Chinese national costumes made of plastic, pseudo-costumes with close-fitting dirndls, everything becomes carnival,” Luitpold Ruprecht Heinrich told German radio station Anten Bayern. According […]

‘Gentleman’ Dylan Mulvaney Is Guilty of ‘Gender Appropriation’

comedian and saturday night live Alumni Rob Schneider has accused transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney of “gender appropriation.” Mr. Schneider, who has recently turned right-wing, launched a salvo against Mr. Mulvaney on X, formerly known as Twitter. “If you believe there is such a thing as ‘cultural appropriation’, then surely this gentleman is guilty of ‘gender […]

High school’s ‘Chief’ mascot to be retired after students argue it represents ‘colonialism,’ ‘cultural appropriation’ — but local Native American community disagrees

The Michigan school board on Tuesday voted to abolish the high school’s “principal” mascot and arrowhead logo after students said it represented “colonialism” and “cultural appropriation.” gone. A board vote ignored a request from the local Native American community to retain the school’s mascot and logo. The Plymouth Canton Board of Education voted 6 to […]


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