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Can’t Argue With Claim Biden’s Staying in Because Jill Likes Power

During Friday’s episode of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher said he “cannot refute” the assertion that President Joe Biden will stay in office even though everyone except him and First Lady Jill Biden knows he won’t win the 2024 election because Jill Biden wants to hold on to power. After comedian Larry Wilmore said […]

Ministers ‘inadequately briefed’ on alternatives to Stonehenge tunnel plan, lawyers argue | Stonehenge

Ministers were “not adequately briefed” on alternative options by authorities before re-approving plans to build a road tunnel under Stonehenge, lawyers for campaigners have argued in the High Court – the latest legal attempt to block the controversial plans. Campaigners argue the proposed two-mile (3.3-kilometer) road tunnel, part of a new eight-mile (13-kilometer) dual carriageway […]

Target Iran to stop Houthi attacks, former senior defense leaders argue

Multiple current and former leaders believe the United States needs to target Iran to stop the Houthi attacks targeting commercial vessels sailing in the previously highly trafficked waterways off Yemen’s coasts. These attacks began on Nov. 19, 2023, and the Houthis have said they’re doing so in solidarity with Palestinians affected by the Israel-Hamas war […]

Donald Trump, Joe Biden Argue over Golf Swings During Debate

Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden sparred over golf swings during Thursday night’s presidential debate. When questions about his health were directed at President Trump, a debate erupted about his golf swing. Take a look: Trump has bragged about passing cognitive tests designed to detect cognitive decline and claims he has only won […]

We argue about campus free speech because we forget what the university is for

The combination of highly visible protests combined with the varying university responses has lately reignited the debate over free speech on campus. Longstanding opponents of free speech have suddenly declared its importance, and have noticed how recent ideas about how to erode cultural and jurisprudential free speech norms might actually be used for ill — […]

Trump uses CNN commentator to argue he should be found not guilty

Former President Trump on Thursday pointed to recent comments by a CNN legal analyst to strengthen his argument that he should not be found guilty in his hush money trial in New York. Speaking to reporters after his day in court, Trump listed a series of news organizations and their respective analysts who had expressed […]