Delaware plans to use artificial intelligence to help evacuate crowded beaches during floods

Delaware’s low elevation, mix of crowded beaches, and limited evacuation routes make it particularly vulnerable to major floods, but officials say an influx of federal infrastructure funding will help artificial intelligence help plan future evacuations. Expect it to start automatically. The Biden administration was due Thursday to announce a total of $53 million in grants […]

Ice Cube Slams Artificial Intelligence as ‘Evil and Demonic’

Rapper and actor Ice Cube has accused artificial intelligence (AI) of being “evil and demonic” after being attacked on social media. of Ride Along 2 and treble When it was pointed out that he was a hypocrite who called AI “demonic” even though he himself became famous by rapping “Sample”, Star replied, It’s completely different […]

Poland says no to any ‘artificial peace plan’ between Ukraine, Russia

First appearance of Fox — Poland is closely monitoring attempts to broker a peace deal between Kiev and Moscow as the deadly war in Ukraine continues to escalate and Russia’s next actions remain in doubt. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky first presented the terms of a “peace formula” last October, telling G-7 leaders at a summit […]

Lawmakers, Tech Firms Called For Regulation Of Artificial Intelligence. Here’s Why It’s Not So Easy

With lawmakers on both sides seemingly eager to start regulating artificial intelligence, experts tell the Daily Caller News Foundation that any serious reforms will face significant obstacles to implementation. rice field. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman testified A Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday called for regulation of artificial intelligence either by implementing licensing and testing […]

Meet my new co-pilot in the doctor’s office: Artificial Intelligence

newYou can now listen to Fox News articles. The more I learned about the increasing use of artificial intelligence in medicine, the more I became convinced that it would play an important role not only in laboratories and radiology rooms, but also in clinics. This will help usher in a world where individualized testing and […]