Two days after an indictment, North Carolina’s state auditor says she’ll resign

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – North Carolina Comptroller Beth Wood announced Thursday that she will resign from elected office next month, a decision that comes after she was accused of misusing state vehicles for private activities. The sentence was handed down two days after he was indicted. Wood, a Democrat who was first elected as auditor […]

North Carolina state auditor cites several school districts failed COVID attendance rules

North Carolina’s state auditor and education leaders are speaking out over an audit that found multiple school districts were not complying with student attendance laws during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a conflict. In late 2021, the General Assembly ordered the state auditor to conduct a performance audit to analyze truancy policies […]

SEC initiates legal action against FTX's auditor – Cointelegraph

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has begun legal proceedings against an accounting firm that provided services to cryptocurrency exchange FTX before it declared bankruptcy. According to a report on September 29th statement, the SEC alleged that Prager Metis provided audit services to clients without maintaining the required independence while continuing to provide accounting […]

Mississippi auditor proposes cutting ‘useless degrees’ that are fertile ground for political radicalization

Mississippi’s state auditor has characterized some social sciences and humanities degree programs as “indoctrination factories,” with the state cutting funding to many college majors and instead focusing on the state’s workforce needs. He argued that support should be provided to subjects that fit the criteria. Mississippi State Comptroller Shad White suggested in a recent report […]

Joe Biden’s FTC Pressured ‘Independent’ Auditor to Punish Twitter

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee have accused the FTC of what appears to be an attempt to bully an independent auditor into accusing Twitter of privacy violations. The allegations were made clear in a complaint filed by Company X, the holding company Elon Musk set up to control Twitter, which sued the U.S. District […]

Auditor and underwriters cited in SVB collapse lawsuit

Satori Fund founder Dan Niles analyzed the banking industry after the recent turmoil and said in “The Claman Countdown” he was shocked to see banks fail so quickly. Auditors and underwriters have reportedly been named for the first time in a lawsuit surrounding the failure of Silicon Valley Bank. According to Bloomberg, SVB’s auditor KMPG, […]

Massachusetts auditor to review Legislature for first time since 1922

Diana DiZoglio, the State Comptroller of Massachusetts, announced Tuesday that her office has begun an audit of the state legislature. The Democrat, who previously served as both a state legislator and a senator, pledged to overhaul the Democratic-dominated legislature’s run during the campaign for last year’s auditor election. Dizoglio said he hopes the audit will […]