Musk claims outside audits show less antisemitism on X than other platforms

Elon Musk claimed on Monday that an external audit showed the X Platform, formerly known as Twitter, had “the least amount of anti-Semitism” compared to other social media platforms. “The external audits we've done show that out of all the other social apps, X has the least amount of anti-Semitism,” Musk said in a conversation. […]

Asset Managers Using State Pensions to Push ‘Racial Equity Audits’, Green Energy Schemes

Paul Fitzpatrick, president of the 1792 Exchange, wrote in an op-ed Wednesday that Wall Street asset managers have used state pension funds to promote “racial equity audits,” green energy plans, and other leftist causes. He explained that 1792 Exchange aims to spotlight companies based on their potential to impose a “woke” position on their customers.Fitzpatrick, […]

Audits failed to spot cause of bank collapses: report

An audit by a major accounting firm failed to identify the failed investments that led to the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and its signatories. The Wall Street Journal reported Monday. Accounting giant KPMG completed an audit of SVB just two weeks before the bank collapsed. The firm pointed to potential loan losses, but […]

IRS to spend $80B to hire 30,000 staff, boost audits on wealthy

The Internal Revenue Service plans to hire about 30,000 new employees and introduce new technology over the next two years to bolster its $80 billion investment plan to improve tax enforcement and customer service. have, he said Thursday. In a much-anticipated strategic operating plan, the tax authority will mandate approximately $8.64 billion in new funding […]

IRS accused of using ‘racial equity’ for audits targeting White, Asian taxpayers

Exclusive: Conservative legal groups have accused the IRS of targeting white and Asian Americans in audits under the guise of “racial fairness.” The America First Legal Foundation, a nonprofit that fights executive overreach, filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on Tuesday, challenging an executive order signed by President Biden last week. chanted. AFL […]