IRS says average tax refund is 11% smaller than last year – here’s why

Mark Steever, senior vice president of the Jackson-Hewitt Tax Office, explains how Biden’s proposed tax increases will affect earnings in “The Claman Countdown.” with 2023 tax season The Internal Revenue Service is urging taxpayers to limit their refunds this year as it expires in just a few weeks. The IRS said it had issued about […]

How much does the average Costco shopper spend per visit? Costco reveals the answer

(NEXSTAR) — Apparently saving money costs money. Bargain shoppers have long touted the savings they purported to come from buying giant boxes of granola bars or bulky packs of toilet paper at Costco. In addition, their wallets should be prepared to withstand the immediate strain of buying in bulk. CFO Says Costco Membership Fees Will […]

Average Homicide Suspect Arrested 11 Times Prior to Killing

Washington, D.C. Police Chief Robert Contee said Monday that the average murder suspect is arrested 11 times before being arrested for committing the murder. Describing the problem of repeat offenders, Conti emphasized what he called long prison terms needed for those guilty of murder, ABC News report. FOX News’ Lucas Tomlinson Tweeted video Contee said, […]