Senate Passes $1.2T Spending Bill To Avert Partial Government Shutdown

Top Shot – United States – Politics – Shutdown – Capitol Top Shot – Taken in Washington, DC on January 22, 2018 after the US Senate reaches an agreement to reopen the federal government and Democrats accept a compromise spending bill U.S. Capitol Building. / AFP PHOTO / MANDEL NGAN (Photo credit MANDEL NGAN/AFP via […]

House agrees on defense spending, sends Senate bill to avert shutdown

The bill, which includes six funding bills, passed the House indefinitely. 286-134 votesHours before many agencies and programs run out of money. The Senate is expected to take up the policy quickly; Cross the finish line by midnight, so lawmakers can avoid a funding shortfall and begin a two-week Easter recess. President Biden has vowed […]

House sends Senate bill to avert shutdown

The House approved a $1.2 trillion government funding bill on Friday, sending the massive budget bill to the Senate hours before the deadline, formally wrapping up the House’s fiscal year 2024 spending process. The bill, which includes six funding bills, passed the House by a vote of 286-134, hours before numerous government agencies and programs […]

Deal to avert shutdown held up over Homeland Security fight

Negotiations over the annual Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spending bill are at a standstill, with a bipartisan agreement to fund government departments and avert a government shutdown later this week. The package, originally scheduled to be announced Sunday, would include five full-time funding bills covering the departments of Defense, Labor, Health and Human Services, […]

5 sticking points in the fight to avert a shutdown

Lawmakers are rushing to agree on six final government funding bills, but face numerous hurdles as they head toward Friday’s shutdown deadline. A divided Congress just finished initial work on a fiscal year 2024 funding bill last week. But some negotiators believe the tranche, which targets government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security […]

PM Modi’s Outreach Helped Avert A “Nuclear” Crisis In Ukraine: Report

U.S. officials say support from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and others helped avert crisis Washington DC: As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalates in 2022, the United States has begun “rigorous preparations” for a possible nuclear attack by Moscow on Kiev. This would have been the first nuclear attack in nearly 80 years since […]

Senate sends $460B bill to avert shutdown to Biden’s desk just hours before deadline

Senators passed a bill Friday that would fund numerous government agencies for the remainder of fiscal year 2024, pushing several closure deadlines after Congress has struggled for months to approve a full-year spending bill. The bill was sent to President Biden’s desk ahead of time. The Senate on Friday night passed a six-bill $460 billion […]

House passes $467.5B ‘minibus’ spending bill to avert partial shutdown

The House approved a “minibus” spending bill Wednesday to avert a partial government shutdown this weekend, despite opposition from conservative Republicans. The $467.5 billion package is supported by 207 Democrats and 132 Republicans, and provides nine levels of funding for the Departments of Veterans Affairs, Agriculture, Transportation, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, Justice, and Military […]

5 things to know about Congress’s plan to avert a shutdown this week

Congressional leaders are rushing to pass a sweeping government funding plan announced Sunday ahead of a government shutdown deadline looming this weekend. The 1,050-page package includes more than $450 billion in fiscal year 2024 funding for numerous departments, including Agriculture, Interior, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, Veterans Affairs (VA), Justice, Commerce, and Energy. include. Here […]