Russia’s Wagner Group boss backpedals on Bakhmut withdrawal

Evgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the Wagner mercenary group, has reversed a planned withdrawal policy from Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine, prompting Russian top military officials to supply him with just enough “ammunition and weapons” for his fighters. He claimed that he had promised to send it. Prigogine shared Audio message on his Telegram channel On […]

Indiana bar that supported Bud Light, threatened to kick out customers it accused of ‘bigotry and hatred’ backpedals after losing regulars: ‘Different opinions are welcome here’

A dive bar owner in Bloomington, Indiana, has spoken out in support of Bud Light and threatened to remove customers who disagree with the beer maker over its recent promotional partnership with a transgender influencer. Retracted stance after losing regular. Fairfax Bar and Grill owner McKinley Minniefield released a statement on Facebook in April when […]

Washington’s Centennial Elementary backpedals minority-only club after outrage

A Washington elementary school had planned to keep white students out of its new “Safe Space” club, but the backlash forced it to reconsider quarantining fifth graders. Olympia’s Centennial Elementary School kicked off the calendar year with a new “Black, Indigenous, and Colored” student group for grade 5 that only accepts minority students. Email shared […]