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Biden increasingly relying on Hunter for advice post-debate, baffling WH staff

President Joe Biden has been hunkering down and consulting with those he trusts most: his family, including his son, Hunter Biden, a convicted felon, much to the embarrassment of White House staff. After Biden’s disastrous performance in the debate against former President Donald Trump, the current president returned to Camp David to discuss his next […]

Missing Georgia firefighters found dead in baffling circumstances: police

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Pennsylvania state bills man $34B in baffling income notice

A Pennsylvania man got the shock of a lifetime when he opened his state’s $34 billion bill. “I knew it was an obvious mistake. I make less than $100,000 a year, so there was no way I was going to owe anything close to that.”Barry Tungart told News 8 About a shocking failure. Lanchester County […]

Endangered sawfish ‘whirling and spinning’ to death in Florida, baffling experts

Endangered fish are “spinning” and dying en masse on a South Florida coast, baffling experts. Dozens of black-tailed sawfish were found dead in the Lower Florida Keys, prompting baffled scientists to launch an “emergency response” to resolve the unusual behavior. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Wednesday that the investigation effort was unprecedented. Rice […]

Lack of Biden meeting over NYC migrant crisis ‘baffling’: Adams

Mayor Eric Adams expressed confusion Tuesday over his inability to meet with the White House to discuss the Big Apple's burgeoning immigration crisis, even as thousands of asylum seekers arrive in the Big Apple each week. He said that “The federal government said to New York City, 'We're not going to do our job, you […]

Baffling symptoms point to a single, deadly disease

As we well know, Onslaught of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) In 2020, illness symptoms can be mysterious. With COVID-19, some victims had painful symptoms, but others only had an urgent sense that something was wrong. Was it just a bad cold or the flu? Symptoms are so variable that a simple diagnosis has been […]

Military base abruptly cancels ‘Sound of Freedom’ screening, baffling producer

The producer of the blockbuster movie “The Sound of Freedom” has expressed his disappointment after a screening of the blockbuster film scheduled for a US military installation was mysteriously canceled. The makers of the hit movie, including “Sound of Freedom” producer Eduardo Verastegui, have been trying for weeks to reschedule a screening of the film […]

Final two Open Championship holes baffling pros at Royal Liverpool: ‘Unfair to everybody’

Many stories came from the first day of the historic tournament, with amateur Christo Lamprecht tied for first place at Royal Liverpool’s Open Championship. But one thing is certain, according to Matt Fitzpatrick’s caddy Billy Foster, Royal Liverpool’s 17th and 18th holes are ‘monsters’. When the tournament teed off on Thursday, dangerous bunkers around the […]

Rookie phenom Corbin Carroll turns strikeout into baffling Diamondbacks run vs Braves

The Arizona Diamondbacks’ rookie outfielder enriched the team’s 2023 season by benefiting from All-Star level play. Once a top prospect in the organization, the D-backs expected Carroll to hit the majors soon. He did it with his solid bat, advanced outfield play, and perhaps his greatest weapon: speed. That came in full force Tuesday night […]