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McDonald’s Introduces Bagels To Exploit California’s Wage Hike Loophole: REPORT

The iconic food franchise McDonald’s plans to reintroduce bagel sandwiches on their menu to offset California’s wage hike for fast food workers, Bloomberg reported Friday. One McDonald’s franchisee group characterized the law behind the wage hike as a “devastating financial blow” and the franchise assembled a “Rise and Dominate” task force to brainstorm ideas about […]

McDonald’s brings back bagels as breakfast staple

It’s called the Schmair Campaign. Thousands of McDonald’s restaurants have brought bagels back to their menus after McDonald’s discontinued its breakfast menu four years ago. Franchise owners say the Chicago-based fast food giant, which announced a partnership with Krispy Kreme Donuts earlier this week, has seen a surprising spike in demand for its doughy donuts. […]