‘I’m Not Gonna Bend The Knee’: Vivek Goes Off On WaPo Reporter Who Tried To Bait Him With ‘White Supremacy’ Question

During a campaign stop in Iowa on Tuesday, a Washington Post reporter asked Vivek Ramaswamy if he denounced white supremacy. Presidential candidates were asked questions after receiving the executive order. approval Regarding former Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King, who has faced allegations of racism for comments that allegedly condoned white supremacy. according to to the […]

Haley doesn’t take bait from Ramaswamy: ‘Not worth my time’

Nikki Haley refused to fall prey to rival Vivek Ramaswamy and fended off attacks from conservative entrepreneurs during Wednesday night's debate in Alabama. Asked by co-host Eliana Johnson if she wanted to respond to Ramaswamy's attacks on her, Haley said “no.” “It's not worth your time to respond to him.” Her response drew cheers from […]

The liberal media just took Donald Trump’s bait

On “Jesse Watters Prime Time,” FOX News host Jesse Watters examines the “new hoax” being promoted by Democrats involving former President Donald Trump. Hannity kicks off Trump town hall with topics including Russia, Biden, ‘dictatorship’ and more Jesse Waters: They are trying to convince us that Trump will destroy democracy, but no one knows what […]

Malaysia defends its use of puppies as live bait to capture black panthers

In September, villagers lodged a complaint with the Malaysian Wildlife Department after a black leopard attacked a dog in the area. Police later succeeded in capturing the big cat, which appeared to have come from a nearby forest, using a puppy as live bait. The operation faced backlash from animal rights groups, but the government […]


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