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DeSantis signs law banning ‘intentional’ release of balloons

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill on Monday banning the “intentional release of balloons” in the state. Lawmakers drafted the bill to minimize the number of balloons that drift offshore and wash up on the state’s beaches. Republican Rep. Linda Cheney introduced the bill, touting support from marine conservation groups and cattle farmers. “Our […]

North Korea Send Trash-Filled Balloons Towards South Korea Again

Seoul’s military said it was on alert for a new dirty salvo from North Korea. Seoul: South Korea’s military said North Korea launched a new series of garbage-laden balloons toward South Korea on Saturday, after anti-Pyongyang activists in the South claimed they had sent balloons carrying leaflets condemning leader Kim Jong Un across the border. […]

South Korea Resumes Loudspeaker Broadcasts After North’s Trash Balloons

South Korea has warned North Korea that it will take retaliatory measures. (File) Seoul: South Korea’s military said on Sunday it had resumed loudspeaker broadcasts aimed at North Korea, following a warning to the North to stop sending balloons filled with garbage to South Korea. South Korea’s military said the decision to resume broadcasts was […]

South Korea to suspend military agreement with North Korea over trash balloons

South Korea plans to suspend military ties with North Korea following the North’s recent operation to send balloons filled with garbage to its southern neighbor. The country’s Council of Cabinet members on Tuesday approved a proposal to attach the entire 2018 agreement between the two countries, The Associated Press reported. reportIt will be officially suspended […]

North Korea agrees to stop sending balloons with manure, trash to South Korea

North Korea has agreed to stop sending hundreds of balloons loaded with trash and fertiliser towards South Korea, saying Sunday it had launched a campaign to make its southern neighbour “experience fully how much discomfort it can cause”. The Associated Press reported that North Korea’s announcement came just hours after South Korea said it would […]

North Korea Vows To Stop Sending Trash Balloons Over Border Into South

North Korea said it would “temporarily suspend” military operations going forward. (File) Seoul: North Korea said Sunday it would stop sending garbage balloons across the border into South Korea, saying it was an effective counter to propaganda sent by opposition activists. North Korea has released nearly 1,000 balloons carrying garbage bags containing everything from cigarette […]

North Korea says it will stop sending trash-filled balloons after South Korea’s outcry

North Korea said on Sunday it would stop sending balloons filled with garbage to South Korea after the latter promised “unbearable” measures in retaliation. North Korea’s Vice Defense Minister Kim Kang said Sunday that North Korea sent the balloons in retaliation for South Korea’s earlier leafleting, which often spreads messages critical of North Korea’s leaders […]

South Korea vows ‘unbearable’ response to North Korea's trash balloons

South Korea vowed on Sunday to take “unbearable” measures against North Korea after it sent more garbage-filled balloons across the border over the weekend. North Korea launched hundreds of more balloons loaded with “filth” into several parts of South Korea, including Seoul, on Saturday. The latest batch of balloons is thought to contain an estimated […]

North Korea sends more balloons filled with trash to South Korea

South Korea’s military said North Korea continued its operation from earlier this week by sending more balloons filled with garbage to South Korea. The Associated Press report. Balloons loaded with “filth” crossed the border again on Saturday, landing in several areas of South Korea’s capital, Seoul. According to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency, North Korea […]