Jim Banks Introduces ‘American Students First Act’ to Stop Joe Biden from Expanding College Prep Programs to Illegal Aliens

Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) is introducing a bill that would block President Joe Biden from offering taxpayer-funded college prep programs to undocumented immigrants. This program targets low-income American youth. Banks, who is running for the U.S. Senate, said in an exclusive statement to Breitbart News that she would introduce the “America Students First Act.” The […]

West Virginia cracks down on major banks over environmental activism

West Virginia has banned four major financial institutions from entering into state contracts worth tens of billions of dollars over environmental policy. West Virginia Treasurer Riley Moore has announced that Citigroup, TD Bank, HSBC and Northern, the banks that collectively oversee trillions of dollars worth of assets, are actively working to boycott fossil fuels. Added […]

Yellen warns of sanctions against Chinese banks that aid Russia

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned in Beijing on Monday that Chinese banks that facilitate support for Russia during the Ukraine war could face U.S. sanctions. “We remain concerned about the role played by all businesses, including those around the world. [People’s Republic of China]is involved in Russian military procurement,” Yellen said at a press conference […]

Lynne Reid Banks, author of The Indian in the Cupboard, dies aged 94 | Books

Author Lynn Reed Banks, known for her novels “The L-Shaped Room” and the children’s book series “Indians in the Closet,” has died at the age of 94. Her agent, James Wills, said she died of cancer “peacefully, surrounded by her family” on Thursday afternoon. Her son, Gillon Stevenson, said she left behind a “huge legacy […]

Monetary Control: Central Banks Today

Most wealthy countries today have central banks. And most of these central banks operate discretionarily. What this means is that monetary policymakers have significant latitude to determine the course of monetary policy. Although monetary policy is crafted using sophisticated economic tools, ultimately any policy decision in a discretionary regime is a judgment call. Defining monetary […]


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