Google employees slam CEO Sundar Pichai over Bard AI chatbot

Angry Google employees ridiculed CEO Sundar Pichai on an internal message board. A highly touted rival to the popular Microsoft-backed ChatGPT chatbot, seen as a potential threat to Google’s search engine dominance, gave an answer in a presentation Monday. In a post on Google’s internal forum, Memegen, employees described the troubled launch as “hurried,” “failed,” […]

Google AI chatbot Bard flunks during firm’s highly touted rollout

Bard chatbot ads displayed inaccurate information and analysts said Google’s AI search event lacked details about how to answer Microsoft’s ChatGPT challenge. Lost over a billion dollars. Shares of the company’s parent company, Alphabet, fell 7.8%, making it one of the hottest traders on U.S. exchanges. “This is the problem here and they are punishing […]

Google unveils ChatGPT rival called Bard for test users

Google’s parent company Alphabet plans to launch more chatbot services and artificial intelligence for search engines and developers, pushing back against Microsoft in a rivalry to lead a new wave of technology. . in a blog post On Monday, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said the company will launch a conversational AI service called Bard to […]