BBC Accused of Censorship After Andrew Tate Interview Blocked in UK

The BBC has been accused of trying to cover up an interview with influencer Andrew Tate, which was criticized for its obvious bias and heavy editing of the video, and was criticized by a UK-based YouTube user. is blocked from viewing. Kickboxing champion turned social media star Andrew Tate was released under house arrest from […]

Remotes Must Have Dedicated BBC Button, Broadcaster Demands

The state broadcaster said all new TV remote controls must have a button that takes users directly to the BBC. In a filing with the UK government, the state-funded BBC has demanded by law that all TV remote controls with dedicated buttons, such as those for Netflix, have a similar button for the BBC. The […]

BBC Disinformation Tsar Says Getting Trolled Justifies Investigating Public

The head of the recently launched BBC’s disinformation department dismissed her as ‘trolling’ Backlash against Big Brother-esque stations prompts public-funded stations to probe the British public said to indicate a need. Earlier this week, the fledgling British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) announced a new division of its news team called ‘BBC Verify’. Presenter Marianna Spring promised […]

The Guardian Condemned for ‘Antismetic’ Cartoon of Jewish BBC Boss

The Guardian newspaper has been criticized for running an “anti-Semitic” caricature featuring former BBC chairman Richard Sharp. Martin Lawson’s political caricature in The Guardian has drawn criticism for using exaggerated facial features of Mr. Sharpe, who is of Jewish descent. In this cartoon, the former BBC boss is seen carrying a box containing the words […]

Elon Musk BBC – TheBlaze

Elon Musk doesn’t hesitate. Twitter’s CEO recently joined a BBC reporter in answering some questions. When a BBC reporter pressed Elon about “hate speech” that seemed to be on the rise under his leadership, Elon asked for an example. “That is content that asks for a response, that is, content that may contain something that […]

Elon Musk slams BBC reporter in tense interview

Twitter CEO Elon Musk hit out at a BBC reporter in a “hurriedly arranged” interview on Tuesday. Discussing the impending layoffs and the ‘tough’ path 51-year-old Musk has undergone after last year’s acquisition of Twitter, BBC reporter James Clayton argued that Twitter didn’t have enough staff to crack down on hate speech. decided to confront […]

BBC Complains for Being Branded ‘Government Funded Media’ on Twitter

Britain’s public broadcaster, the BBC, complained that Twitter had slapped its main account with the tag “government-funded media” and joined the likes of NPR in the United States. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has formally “against” being labeled a “government-funded media” on Twitter, urging Elon to resolve the situation “as soon as possible” after its […]

NPR, BBC labeled ‘government funded media’ by Twitter

Twitter recently labeled NPR and BBC’s social media accounts as “government-funded media.” Last week, NPR’s social media accounts were labeled “national media” by Twitter. The platform has since updated the label to “government-funded media.” are also labeled with the same label. BBC and PBS. Your label will appear at the top of your Twitter profile […]

‘Impartial’ BBC Asserts Trump ‘Will Try to Spin’ Any Arrest

Britain’s national broadcaster has released an article claiming that Donald Trump is “trying to spin” him in custody in anticipation of his arrest. and article The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) headlined ‘How Trump Tries to Twist Expected Arrests’ and said, ‘Former president wants to keep him out of jail and his historic We are planning […]