White House slams Putin’s nuclear provocation in Belarus: ‘Irresponsible’

The White House on Thursday denounced Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus as “irresponsible.” Putin said on Saturday that Russia plans to deploy nuclear weapons to its allies in retaliation for Britain’s decision to supply Ukraine with armor-piercing ammunition containing depleted uranium. Russia falsely claims that these rounds contain […]

Belarus treatment of ex-presidential candidate, Lukashenko critic, condemned by EU

The European Parliament on Thursday called on Belarusian authorities to end their abuse of a former presidential candidate imprisoned for resisting the country’s authoritarian leader and immediately release him and other political prisoners. Viktar Babarika was sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2021 for refusal as political punishment for launching a campaign to challenge […]

Russia has Trained Belarus Pilots to Deploy Nuclear Weapons, They Say

MOSCOW (AP) – Crew members of the Belarusian Air Force have completed training to use tactical nuclear weapons as part of Russia’s plan to deploy the weapons to ally Belarus amid fighting in neighboring Ukraine, officials said. Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Friday. The ministry released a video in which a Belarusian pilot said a […]

Could Putin have a soft landing in Belarus?

NATO takes Finland 31st member country Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko feels the pressure of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s failed “special military operation” in Ukraine, Deployment of tactical nuclear weapons to his country. Apparently it’s not too early to make a contingency plan and Lukashenko wants assurances from Putin. Possession of nuclear weapons has become a […]

Bolton on Putin plans to deploy nukes in Belarus: ‘He may not be bluffing here’

Former national security adviser John Bolton said on Monday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “not a bluff” about his plans to move nuclear weapons to neighboring Belarus as Russia’s war on Ukraine goes into its second year. maybe,” he said. Putin’s threat to deploy weapons in Belarus condemned By the US and NATO – […]

How the world is responding to Putin’s threat of nukes in Belarus

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday announced plans for the Kremlin to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus, drawing claims of “nuclear blackmail” from Ukraine and condemnation from the US and NATO. Putin said the move would place nuclear weapons across the border with NATO member Poland to counter US nuclear deployments in various European countries. […]

Ukraine calls for emergency UN meeting over Putin’s ‘nuclear blackmail’ in Belarus

Ukraine has asked the UN to hold an emergency meeting after Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to deploy nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus. Putin announced the move on Sunday and framed it as a warning to the West.The Ukrainian government has told the United Nations that Putin has taken Belarus “nuclear hostage”, blaming Russia for […]

Putin Announces Plans To Base Nuclear Warheads In Belarus

Russia announced Saturday plans to ship nuclear weapons to ally Belarusian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian president insists the tactical move does not violate the nuclear non-proliferation agreement. report by Tas. The United States responded to Putin’s recent move by stating, “We see no reason to adjust our strategic nuclear forces. We remain committed to […]

Russia will be staging nukes in Belarus, Putin says

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he plans to bring nuclear weapons into Belarus as a warning to Western countries as they increasingly support Ukraine. Putin said on state television on Saturday that the move was a response to Britain’s decision last week that Russia would send armor-piercing rounds containing depleted uranium. falsely claimed to […]