Biden’s bend to trans activism leaves women’s sports in turmoil

Over the past year, I’ve had many conversations with people, including family members, who believe that the whole transgender issue is a big, old problem. They claim this is just a political football used to garner anger and ultimately win the right to vote and score points. I wish that were true. In its unending […]

Debate: Will Caitlin Clark bend the knee to the woke crowd?

Basketball star Caitlin Clark, a straight white woman and Catholic, clearly struck a nerve with the woke public in American sports. “She was the same threat to the left wing at nationals and now she’s probably more important, and that’s all because of Caitlin Clark. And Caitlin Clark needs to go win at nationals. Yes, […]

Christie says Rubio, GOP ‘all bend the knee’ by defending Trump’s NATO threats

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) criticized Republican senators, including Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), for defending Donald Trump’s recent comments about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). “Everyone is on bended knee” to the former president, he said. Christie, a former Trump supporter who ran in the primary against Trump as one of the […]

Will the Supreme Court bend to political will in the Trump ballot case? 

There has been much speculation by legal analysts and commentators about how the Supreme Court will rule. Find the “off-ramp” to avoid making future decisions Colorado disqualification case “On the merits” — that is, how the court attempts to avoid the issues raised by the application. Section 3 of 14 itemsth correction Regarding former President […]

South Bend house fire leaves 5 children dead, another injured

Five children were killed in a house fire in northern Indiana, and a sixth was being treated for burns Monday. People, including children, were trapped in flames on the second floor Sunday evening, according to the South Bend Fire Department. Five children were pronounced dead. A sixth person was taken to the hospital and later […]

South Bend house fire leaves multiple injured, including firefighter

A house fire in northern Indiana left multiple people injured, including a firefighter who fell through the floor. South Bend Fire Chief Carl Buchanon reported Sunday evening that at least four people were rescued from the burning home. One person was airlifted to a Fort Wayne hospital's burn unit, and the other three were taken […]

Trump says GOP always bend the knee: NYT

Former President Trump boasts overwhelming control over the Republican Party and points to his ability to rally support even from stiff resistance within the party, according to a new report Thursday in the New York Times. President Trump: “They always bend the knee'' talked about gaining support The Times reported Wednesday that House Majority Whip […]

‘I’m Not Gonna Bend The Knee’: Vivek Goes Off On WaPo Reporter Who Tried To Bait Him With ‘White Supremacy’ Question

During a campaign stop in Iowa on Tuesday, a Washington Post reporter asked Vivek Ramaswamy if he denounced white supremacy. Presidential candidates were asked questions after receiving the executive order. approval Regarding former Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King, who has faced allegations of racism for comments that allegedly condoned white supremacy. according to to the […]

Xi Jinping Demands Communists Bend International Law to China’s Will

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping led a “study session” at the Politburo of the Communist Party of China on Monday, in which he stressed the need to “create law-based governance conditions and a favorable external environment for China to advance its modernization.” emphasized. In other words, he directed Communist Party officials to bend international law to […]