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America’s Betrayal of Israel

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes A decade of perverse U.S. policy sets the stage for mass murder I am writing this on Saturday, as news outlets report hundreds of Israeli dead, and dozens, if not hundreds, of soldiers and civilians kidnapped by Hamas terrorists and taken into Gaza. It is never a good idea to […]

The Betrayal of Israel by the US Administration Is Almost Complete

The genocidal anti-Semitic attack on October 7, 2023 by the Islamic terrorists of Hamas at first aroused horror throughout the Western world. It took only a few hours, however for the horror to fade — long before Israel had even begun to respond. Demonstrations against Israel, and in support of the terrorist group, Hamas — […]

Is it too late to course-correct Biden’s Rafah betrayal? 

Israelis woke up last week and heard from various media outlets that “President Biden: “If Israeli troops enter Rafah, I will not supply them with weapons”” The initial reaction was shock and surprise, but it quickly turned to frustration and, of course, anger towards the US president. Many Israelis, including myself, were also horrified by […]

Its Development and Its Betrayal

The Western ruling elite has become oligarchic in nature; its political and economic influence is disproportionate and even harmful to society. It is necessary, therefore, to review its historical evolution and expose its current goals. Firstly, it must be recognized that it is natural and necessary for society to have an elite. Murray Rothbard wrote about the […]

The Biden hostage betrayal – Washington Examiner

Does President Joe Biden even know that Hamas is holding five American hostages? Does anybody in his administration care? Do the administration’s water carriers in the liberal media care, either? One would think not, judging by the rarity of mentions of this crisis by the president, his spokespeople, or the news media. The absence of […]

Johnson’s Betrayal Fuels GOP Approval Plummet, Dem Support Surge

Embattled House Speaker Mike Johnson, who faces a historic vote to remove the gavel in the House next week and strip him of the speakership, has fallen sharply among Republicans and supporters of former President Donald Trump. and is surging among Democrats and supporters of Democratic presidents. Joe Biden. After Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) […]