ChatGPT Displays Leftist Bias, Allows ‘Hate Speech’ Against Conservatives, Men

A recent study by the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank, found that ChatGPT, an AI language model developed by OpenAI, has a left-wing bias and is more tolerant of “hate speech” directed at conservatives and men. I know there is. of new york post report According to a conservative think tank Manhattan Institute report […]

ChatGPT’s bias allows hate speech toward GOP, men: report

ChatGPT seems to be made to hate the Republican Party. A highly sophisticated language model AI programmed by its creator OpenAI to be more tolerant of hate-style speech against the right wing, as well as liberal biases such as censoring The Post’s coverage of Hunter Biden. A terrible new report details that “OpenAI’s content moderation […]

Rainn Wilson calls out anti-Christian bias in Hollywood after ‘Last of Us’ episode

Actor Rainn Wilson on Saturday criticized Hollywood’s anti-Christian bias after the latest example of HBO’s series The Last of Us. From his Twitter account, the former ‘The Office’ cast member called a recent episode of the series featuring a villainous character using a Bible verse he suggested to be a predictable formula. . “I think […]

Sports media, bias and activism come to an insufferable head

“There was a time when American entertainment was fed up with Florida’s hostile approach to inclusivity, but it’s in a way being reshaped by current Governor Ron DeSantis.” That is argument Washington Post sports columnist Kevin Blackstone this week began offering a solution to a non-existent problem. “If baseball is still that much of a […]

Jussie Smollett appeals conviction for hate crime hoax, argues bias

Jussie Smollett is appealing his conviction for mounting racist and homophobic attacks against himself and lying to Chicago police about it. The 40-year-old “Empire” alum said “prosecutorial misconduct” in this case was “obvious and egregious,” according to a 102-page document filed Wednesday in the Illinois Court of Appeals and obtained by The Washington Post. It […]

Students encouraged to report ‘incidents of bias’ from ‘microaggressions to macroaggressions’ using Stanford University’s anonymous system

Students attending Stanford University are encouraged to report “incidents of prejudice” ranging “from microaggressions to macroaggressions” using the school’s anonymous “Protected Identity Harm Reporting” system. Stanford University described its PIH reporting system as “an important tool for dealing with incidents of bias.” reportThe PIH was conducted to help students who believe they are victims of […]