Bibles in Bomb Shelters – Christian News Headlines

Roughly two years ago, Ukraine’s nightmare began. The journey from a bombed city in eastern Ukraine to western Ukraine begins on foot, then in the back of a truck that swerves to avoid constant bombing, and finally, crammed together like animals. It was a hopeless and highly dangerous journey, crammed onto a train. To the […]

Survey Reveals Christian College Presidents Affirm Bible’s Inerrancy

a New research by Christian Standard The president of a Christian church or university affiliated with a Christian church has revealed that he believes the Bible is “inerrant.” Other words used by the 16 presidents surveyed to describe the Bible included “infallible,” “inspired,” and “God-breathed.” “We defend the divine inspiration and supreme authority of the […]

‘Urban’ cities were ruled by Bible’s King David: archaeologist

Some archaeologists argue that the biblical King David could have ruled over a large kingdom consisting of fortified cities around Jerusalem complete with roads connecting them. Professor Joseph Garfinkel of the Institute of Archeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem says he has found evidence of urban settlement in an organized city dating from around […]

Utah school district returns Bibles to schools after backlash

(Photo Credit: Spencer Pratt/Staff via Getty Images) Roy Francis of OAN10:12am – Wednesday, June 21, 2023 The Davis School District in northern Utah reversed a May decision to remove Bibles from school libraries. advertisement In late May, a review board for the Davis School District decided to remove the King James Bible from elementary and […]

The Museum of the Bible’s Interactive Narnia Event to Open This Weekend

Washington, DC’s Museum of the Bible takes visitors “beyond the wardrobe” into CS Lewis’ Narnia with an interactive event. A summer performance of The Horse and the Boy, one of the Chronicles of Narnia, will be presented by the museum at the World Stage Theater from June to August 6. At the same time, an […]

AZ Representative Is Censured after Hiding Bibles from Colleagues

The Arizona House of Representatives condemned a Democratic lawmaker after a video showed him hiding a Bible from a colleague. Hamilton State Rep. Stephanie Stahl was caught on camera in April in the State Capitol lounge with a Bible hidden under two sofas. Caught on video: A Democratic congressman/pastoral appointee in Arizona stole a bible […]

Arizona state Democrat apologizes after being caught hiding Bibles in state Capitol

Democratic Arizona legislators apologized Wednesday after they were found to have hidden a Bible in the state capitol. Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton (D-Tucson) said from the Arizona State Capitol floor: Security camera footage from the MPs lounge shows Stahl Hamilton hiding a Bible. Presbyterian minister Stahl Hamilton said her actions were in response to concerns […]