The Truth About Bidenomics: More Debt, More Inflation

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes Estimates of United States growth have improved but remain massively below the Federal Reserve projections. After the largest monetary and fiscal stimulus in recent years, growth remains well below trend, and debt is significantly higher. It is interesting to hear Janet Yellen say that “trickle-down economics did not work” when […]

Slowed job growth shows weakness of Bidenomics

Two pieces of labor market data released midweek depict a bleaker picture of the economy than the one commonly touted by President Joe Biden.  A Bureau of Labor Statistics report from Tuesday shows that job openings fell to the lowest level in April since February 2021. The 8.06 million jobs available, down 300,000 from March, […]

Why Small Businesses Hate Bidenomics

If the economy is so good, why do small business leaders feel so bad? The latest Small Business Optimism Index from the National Federation of Independent Business could hardly be more depressing. The survey finds that the men and women who run our 33 million small businesses and hire more than half of American workers are in […]

Reality check: Democrats get Bidenomics backward

Without question, Bidennomics has been a disaster for American families, with no relief in sight as the November election approaches, but Joe Biden and his supporters have done everything they can to gaslight and distort the Economic disaster and country’s whole Economic Stagnation A cause for celebration. Democratic cheerleaders are creating an alternate reality […]

Americans can’t afford MCDONALD’S as Bidenomics implodes

There is no question that inflation is out of control under President Joe Biden and families across the country are suffering from it. and Sara Gonzalez While she’s not advocating eating fast food, she can’t help but notice that the current price of fast food shows just how devastating the problem has become. At the […]

Higher prices, crushing debt? Bidenomics just gets better and better!

Remember in 2021 when the Biden administration ordered the Treasury Secretary to Janet Yellenare Americans assured that inflation is “temporary” and will end soon? Yellen has since changed her tune, saying it is important to keep inflation in check. Joe Biden’s Top priority. If so, he and his administration need to refocus. Whatever they are […]

How ‘Bidenomics’ Is Destroying Homeownership

In boasting about “Bidenomics” two weeks ago in Milwaukee, President Joe Biden declared that his policies are “restoring the American dream.” Then he went into his creepy whispering mode and assured us “it’s working.” Huh? Isn’t it a big aspiration of the American dream to own a home? Biden keeps making first-time homeownership harder for young families for two […]