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DNC trolls Trump with billboard near Wisconsin rally

EXCLUSIVE — The Democratic National Committee is trying not to let Wisconsin forget what former President Donald Trump reportedly said about Milwaukee with a billboard that also criticizes Trump for his economic record. Days after Trump allegedly described Milwaukee, the host of next month’s Republican National Convention, as “horrible” during a closed-door meeting with House […]

DNC billboard attack ad to greet Trump as ‘convicted white-collar crook’ in Nevada

Former President Donald Trump will be in Nevada on Sunday, as will a billboard attacking him for his status as a convicted felon, paid for by the Democratic National Committee. The attack ad comes after a Manhattan jury found Trump guilty on all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records last week. While the former president has committed […]

Billboard Thanks Democrat Mark Kelly for Open Border

A massive billboard ad in Phoenix is thanking Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) for keeping the southern border open to invasion from illegal migrants. “Thank you, Mark Kelly, for voting to keep our borders open,” the billboard reads. “The drugs aren’t going to smuggle themselves. The ad says it was paid for by Citizens for Sanity. According to its […]

DNC launches first billboard campaign targeting Trump’s options for vice president

EXCLUSIVE — The Democratic National Committee is set to launch a new billboard campaign in North Carolina over the weekend targeting candidates being floated as former President Donald Trump’s vice president. The billboard specifically targets North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, who both previously ran for the GOP presidential nomination but later […]

George Conway says he put up Florida billboard saying don’t vote for ‘psycho’

George Conway said he has put up billboards in Florida urging people to vote for President Biden instead of “psycho” former President Trump. Conway is a vocal critic of Trump and his ex-wife once worked for him. share Trump announced on social media platform “X” on Thursday that the billboards had been installed on Interstate […]

Progressive group to circulate mobile billboard blasting RFK Jr. at Libertarian event

Progressive groups plan to mount a traveling billboard campaign slamming independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy as he seeks to secure the party’s support at the Libertarian Party’s national convention this weekend. MoveOn Political Action will be touring with “Exposing RFK Jr.” billboard trucks starting Friday, telling voters that a vote for Kennedy is a […]